A Brennyn Post

Brennyn wanted to say hi one last time in January.HI!This month (whatever that is) my Daddy is trying to take my su-su away. I am lucky my mommy likes my naps so much and lets me keep it!Mommy thinks you need muddybuddies (and coffee) to go outside to play in the rain but I don’t like muddybuddies so we haven’t been outside much. She hasn’t had coffee much either so she’s kind of grumpy. One grumpy day I made her laugh by wearing Kaya’s swim goggles outside while we played at the park. She laughed so much she forgot to try to wrestle a muddybuddy on me. I’m so smart! Another day the sun came out which made her forget to put on a muddybuddy, but when we got there the playground was one giant puddle. Mommy made me promise not to fall in so I jumped in instead!Being a little sister is not really fair. I have to go drop off Kaya at dance, at birthday parties, at playdates… Why can’t I go too? I could ski, I know I could, but we just drop her off there too. Oh well, Mommy thinks it’s funny that I’m learning the aprés part of aprés ski before the ski part. I don’t really know why she thinks this is funny but maybe I would if I got to drink the big drinks all the adults have that makes them laugh a lot.

When Kaya skis I get to do fun stuff too. Like swim in the lazy river with spitting bears. Mommy never swims with us so Kaya tells me I am a very lucky girl. I also get to play in the snow and go on Goblin rides! Goblin rides are my favourite because you go so high and up to more snow. Mommy and me even lay underneath the Goblins and sing them songs and have a picnic.After a snack (I always like to snack before doing anything) we roll and slide in the snow and giggle a lot. Mommy wants to take a picture (she always wants to take a picture) so after a couple pouty pictures, I finally let her have a smile.Then make her do a funny picture. We don’t say ‘Cheese’ because that’s really boring. Instead we say ‘Googoo gaga poopoo’ which is so much funnier and silly.Anyways, I guess January has been fun. Lots of sneaky time (moms note- Lil Sneakers play gym) with my best friend Hailey and gymnastics and hot chocolates. Lots of hanging out at home with mommy playing Baby and dollhouse. And reading. My mommy sure likes to read. Me too. My favourite book is Press Here cuz those yellow balls are so funny to press and move around and I get to shake the book all around which is fun because mommy always tells me to be gentle with books and so I like not being gentle with a book.

What? Su-su and bankie time? Gotta go!! Bye!


Sound Bites

After trick or treating and visiting a friends pumpkin stroll, we are driving home when B starts singing loud and proud,

“Candy all day long

Candy all day long

CANDY all day long


And so on. Upon arriving home, she sees her left behind trick-or-treating bag, runs to it yelling “OH CANDY…” reaches it and gives it a BIG hug then “I MISSED YOU!”


Brennyn and I volunteered at Kaya’s Kindergarten class. While I was busy helping kids make candy apples, Brennyn ran around playing with big kids and big kid toys. As it came time to go, I gave Kaya a kiss goodbye. Running up behind her comes B, lips puckered, saying her goodbyes to me too. Cheeky monkey thought she could stay on as she acted the big kid part so well!


Kaya- ” We can dream anything we want to, right mom!”

“For sure!”

“When I go to sleep I like to dream I find real dinosaur bones.”


“But mom,” looking at me very seriously, “not real dinosaurs. Just their bones.”

“Got it. Thanks for the clarification.”


“Mom, dreams are funny that you see it in your head but not really real, like in front of you real, but real because it’s in your head…”

She may be a genius…


On a routine walk to school one morning, before any coffee I might add, Kaya asks me,

“Mom, why when we look at outerspace, our whole wide world is spinning, but we are on the world and we are not spinning?”

I ramble on a bit about sunrises and sunsets and enormity and rotations around the sun, none of which makes much sense but I ask “Cool eh?” anyways. Her lack of response or follow-up questions leads me to believe that it is not, in fact, cool eh.


This Month Gets a Bum Rap

Not sure why I dread November every year. Sure there’s rain in this part of the world, but also snow and days like today, full of sun and brilliant blue skies that we then truly appreciate.

As promised in my previous post, Brennyn and I headed out on a walk to soak it up. Making up for our last jaunt out where I forget, well, pretty much everything, this time I was set. Extra boots and pants, picnic blanket, lunch, water for both, phone, baby, toques, mitts, Riley and her leash. CHECK!

But of course, last time the only thing I remembered, I forgot this time. Care to guess what?

Yup, my camera.

Oops. Oh well, more time to play and be silly then!

Our walk did not disappointed, filled with eagles, fish, heron, sun and fallen leaves. We picnicked, jumped tandom off rocks, balanced on others, then carved our own hopscotch with a stick in the sand, riverside. Back into the trails, we raced down hills and tree-hugged mossy pines.

Two hours later, almost entirely walked by Miss B, we get home for a story and a deep slumbering nap (I know because I can hear her snoring as I type this!)

Forget all the Black Friday shopping deals, I’ll take a jaunt through the woods any day.

Oh, and since you know I am camera-obsessed, a few shots care of my iPhone.Explorer prints. They just look like regular boot prints here but if you picture the teeny tiny marks amidst the vast sandbar beside a raging river, you will start to understand my need to document them.The girl has never in her almost 2.5 years, ever, NEVER put on a pair of shades the right side up. One of those great quirks that I just ADORE about her!Full of gratitude (and sand) on this fine November day. Wishing you one in the same.

Keeping B Busy

We enjoyed our one snow day while it was here. Well, half day. By mid day it was pouring with rain. While the picture of B in her sled with a rainbow umbrella over top is adorably cute, reality is this:

Brennyn is just waking from her nap as it is time to go pick up Kaya. I hurry her out of bed. This alone makes for misery. But then we have to pile on the snowpants, boots, jacket, toque and mittens. We are late. Brennyn cries. I curse under my breath. It is pouring outside though snow still packs the street. No stroller. So I start to carry her to school. Until I realize how heavy she is. So I run back home. Really late now. Grab the sled. Grab the umbrella. Slight smile from B. She looooovvvves her umbrella. So she holds onto it for dear life. Not onto the sled. She falls out about 5 times. She cries and I vent “Brennyn, get in the sled NOW!” House builders laugh at me. It is POURING. I have no umbrella while I pull the sled with the falling out crying child. Eventually I grab the umbrella away forcing her to hold onto the sides. Crying. Me too. We arrive at the school as the bell rings. Kaya runs out, eyes light up as she sees the sled “I want to go on the sled with the umbrella too!” Not a chance sister. One pouts. One cries. I do both. Upon making it home (finally) the girls friends are rolling snow balls in the pouring rain. To which the girls want to join. 30 more minutes standing in the pouring rain. Giggles from them. Whimpers from me. The end.

Time to hunker down inside instead, where we find some fun stuff to keep us occupied.

Here’s Brennyn stealing Kaya’s show and tell. She seemed to think Dino Bones needed her vitamins! Love.Along with starting our Christmas decorating, mom and tot gymnastics, play gyms, library and many a coffee shop, my B and I are finding plenty to do to fill our days. Now I must go, for today is a clear blue beauty and we are headed outside to enjoy it while it lasts!

November Leaves Blanketed

Two days after our autumn jaunt, our first snowfall!

This iPhone photo is pretty much the only snow photo I got as I was too busy pouting about missing my big girl. She was at school when the first flakes started to fall. Her teacher got to hear her squeals of delight, her classmates the first to frolic in the snow with her.

Not being first to watch her firsts is going to take some time getting used to. Sigh.

Still, I did get to see Brennyn’s first sighting of the flakes fall. Eyes full of wonder, jaw drops and giggles ensue. Since she was feeling a little sick, we don’t bundle up for a play outside, opting instead for jump/dancing on the bed to Christmas carols as the snow sets the scene. Just about as fun as catching snowflakes with our tongues. Lots of time for that this season though!

As the snow continued to fall and I watch out the back patio mesmerized, I flash to a photo I took of the same scene, different circumstances, and I know I have to try another Dear Photograph shot. Love these!Summer sunny balloons and first snow falls elicit equal wonder and giggles from my girls, reminding me to do the same.

Five hours later and non-stop snow later, it is time to pick up Kaya. I am happy to report the squeals of delight continued throughout the whole day and I got some snow play with my girl.

Especially since another day later, Autumn is taking back the reins from Winter.For now.

November Leaves

The other day, Brennyn, ‘Baby’, Riley and I went for a long walk through the woods. Maybe walk is too strong a word. More like stroll. Jaunt?

Kicky, skippy, spinny, dance then? Yes, that about sums it up.

Can I just tell you, walking through the woods to the river behind a frisky dog and a skipping rainbow tutu is about the best blah-buster there is. I’m pretty sure light sabers or superhero capes are just as effective. Especially on the dog, though I’d be happy to test that out for you if there is any uncertainty.

There are a whole lot of blurry, unusable pictures of B and I skipping and kicking up leaves. In the middle of the deletes was this keeper.Who says November is bleak?


While Brennyn naps, I am cleaning the art papers when I find this:I *SNORT*-laugh but can’t stop and don’t want to wake Brennyn so turn it into a teary, chuckle laugh. Then I continue cleaning, forget about it, take a pee break, prompting me to think about it again, resulting in more snort-cry-chuckly laughs. (And a flush)

This picture has totally struck my funny bone! Which means, of course, I have to share.

Only as I type this now, it occurs to me, maybe it’s so funny only because it is speaking so much truth…

Snort-cry-chuckle-spit laughing now.

Not sure which is scarier at this point, me or this picture.

Or could we be one in the same…