Happy Moody

I was uninspired to write anything ‘about me’ so here is a 25 Random Things note that I took from my facebook.

The Moody Chick:

1.    has dessert almost every night
2.    is way funnier when writing than while speaking
3.    has hated most books Oprah has chosen for her book club
4.    once did not shower for 6 or 7 days straight (I was in the Amazon)
5.    thinks she’s a really good mom, except for the times that she’s not
6.    once bared her ass to a bunch of Quechua woman (and any man who attempted to steal a glance) because while they all peed squatting with their long skirts protecting them, I only had hiking pants and not a bush in site on a ‘stopover’ on the longest bus ride EVER
7.    would nap daily if she could (and does at every opportunity that she can)
8.     tried to be a city girl but is truly a country girl at heart
9.    turns evil when driving
10.     is not scared of a lot but is terrified of birds. And hairdressers…
11.     is so sick of Ann Douglas being the only voice of authority on parenting. In Canada anyways. She is quoted in every article, blog, and tv show as the expert. She annoys me.
12.    is a huge Battlestar Galactica fan
13.    is not religious but finds herself more and more spiritual everyday
14.    believes the eagle that soars above her car upon EVERY road trip is her Gramma wishing us a safe journey
15.    has watched Dirty Dancing more than any other movie in her life. I think I got teary last time I watched it but that was only 2 weeks ago and I’m pregnant so give me a break! This is followed closely by Garden State and the Notebook (in which I cry every time pregnant or not)
16.    does not make friends easily
17.     thinks ‘scenarious’ should be a word
18.    honeymooned in Fiji even though she’s never been married
19.    gets very restless when things stay the same for too long. I can’t do the same walk 2 days in a row and prefer going to new places all the time. Bal is totally annoyed that our red kitchen he so lovingly painted has been requested to be changed to blue.
20.    hates sharing food. Even with her daughter
21.    loves scrabpooking
22.    prefers beer over hard alcohol and wine (red) over anything else
23.    ‘s favourite kids books are any Shel Silverstein poetry and the Gruffalo (cuz no matter how many times I read it, I don’t get sick of it.) Kaya would say Baby Beluga and The Animal Boogie
24.    despises cell phones but does not have a landline.
25.    once woke up to a fireman banging on my apartment door and smoke billowing throughout the hall. I slept through most of the evacuation and was the last to get out. Fire in the garbage chute, hot firemen put it out, I had to climb back up 17 floors. I know it was real only because if I had been dreaming the fireman would have carried me back up the 17 floors ☺


5 thoughts on “About

  1. hi!
    just stumbled on your blog and i love it 😉 great writing, great photos. this is going to sound totally ‘first-date-corny’ but i think we have alot in common!!! i have a blog too but still stumbling around finding my voice. so until i do (and even once i do) i will really enjoy reading yours.
    your comrade in blogging, photography, parenting, living in b.c., humour, and loving nature….
    heidi ;0)

  2. I love this list! Number 20 reminds me of my best friend, I’m with you on 22 only i prefer white. Oh and I am a city girl at heart.
    Great blog!

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