Gone But Not Forgotten

Hi all. Long time no write. Miss me?

Sorry, I was doing some non-blog writing along with experimenting with another blog. I was waiting to direct you that way until I knew what exactly I was doing with it, and with this one.

Turns out I still don’t know…

So, my new blog is attempting to combine mamma-me with traveler-me. I find myself missing traveling immensely these days, but when I open myself up to it, when I see the world as my kids do, I’m humbled by the wonder and awe all around. Wonder the World is a more niched blog aimed at exploring the world, whether that means in our backyard, using our imaginations, road trips or travels far, far away.

Please join me there! I would love any comments, suggestions and guidance in helping me to shape it into a resource for travelers and parents alike.

Posts here will be light I suspect, but I still plan to add my letters to the girls here amongst other posts. In the meantime there is a whole whack of articles to read at my new site. Enjoy!



One thought on “Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. I am totally following you!
    I was wondering where you had been, but obviously crafting up something fantastic! Can’t wait to click over….I’m excited to see what I will see!

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