First Post on Wonder Blog

This is my first post from my new blog Wonder the World. Head there if you’d like to read more.

I am a traveler. And a mother.

I have learned innumerable lessons on my journeys around the world.

But none so much as my kids have taught me.

One of the greatest being that,

It is the wondering of the world that brings joy, not the wandering of it.

Doing both, a true gift.

For now, travels far and wide are not my reality. That need not mean my travelers spirit sit idle however. No, my itchy feet combined with two curious, energetic girls, means there are boundless adventures to be had. From marveling at seeing our breath in the cold (We’re dragons mom!) to treasure hunting, to dancing with the trees in the wind, seeing the world through the eyes of my kids, makes it the grandest journey of all.

Kids or not, I hope you will join us and share with us the wonders in your world, wherever in the world that may be.


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