A Brennyn Post

Brennyn wanted to say hi one last time in January.HI!This month (whatever that is) my Daddy is trying to take my su-su away. I am lucky my mommy likes my naps so much and lets me keep it!Mommy thinks you need muddybuddies (and coffee) to go outside to play in the rain but I don’t like muddybuddies so we haven’t been outside much. She hasn’t had coffee much either so she’s kind of grumpy. One grumpy day I made her laugh by wearing Kaya’s swim goggles outside while we played at the park. She laughed so much she forgot to try to wrestle a muddybuddy on me. I’m so smart! Another day the sun came out which made her forget to put on a muddybuddy, but when we got there the playground was one giant puddle. Mommy made me promise not to fall in so I jumped in instead!Being a little sister is not really fair. I have to go drop off Kaya at dance, at birthday parties, at playdates… Why can’t I go too? I could ski, I know I could, but we just drop her off there too. Oh well, Mommy thinks it’s funny that I’m learning the aprés part of aprés ski before the ski part. I don’t really know why she thinks this is funny but maybe I would if I got to drink the big drinks all the adults have that makes them laugh a lot.

When Kaya skis I get to do fun stuff too. Like swim in the lazy river with spitting bears. Mommy never swims with us so Kaya tells me I am a very lucky girl. I also get to play in the snow and go on Goblin rides! Goblin rides are my favourite because you go so high and up to more snow. Mommy and me even lay underneath the Goblins and sing them songs and have a picnic.After a snack (I always like to snack before doing anything) we roll and slide in the snow and giggle a lot. Mommy wants to take a picture (she always wants to take a picture) so after a couple pouty pictures, I finally let her have a smile.Then make her do a funny picture. We don’t say ‘Cheese’ because that’s really boring. Instead we say ‘Googoo gaga poopoo’ which is so much funnier and silly.Anyways, I guess January has been fun. Lots of sneaky time (moms note- Lil Sneakers play gym) with my best friend Hailey and gymnastics and hot chocolates. Lots of hanging out at home with mommy playing Baby and dollhouse. And reading. My mommy sure likes to read. Me too. My favourite book is Press Here cuz those yellow balls are so funny to press and move around and I get to shake the book all around which is fun because mommy always tells me to be gentle with books and so I like not being gentle with a book.

What? Su-su and bankie time? Gotta go!! Bye!


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