I Can See Clearly Now…

On this, my 5th day of cleansing on the Crazy Sexy Adventure Cleanse, I am coming out of my fog. Though it is still not easy.

This is the first weekend morning of the cleanse. Most weekend mornings begin with Bal bringing me up to bed a delectably strong Americano (yes, I am spoiled!) Today, he brings me a hot water with lemon and a pinch of cayenne. (should have been a dash cuz his pinch is strong!) Just not the same but I drink it, shower, and head downstairs to make my morning juice.

Before heading down the stairs, I am absolutely convinced that Bal rudely decided to make pancakes. I could smell them! It haunted me. But no, there was nothing going on downstairs except some peanut butter toast for the girls.

So into the kitchen I head with the lid of the PB jar off and PB calling my name. Cover. Breathe. Pull out the veggies. Today’s juice? Carrot, cucumber, parsley, tomato, kale. It looked revolting to be honest but tasted delish. Really!

Awhile later Bal decides to take the girls for a swim so I drop them off and head to the store to buy more vegetable along with ingredients for tonights dinner, Curried Lentils and Quinoa with Spinach and Warm Indian Spices. Sounds good right? I will let you know.

While shopping, my stomach starts gurgling. I need some real food, not just juice. Shopping for snack foods for the girls and passing chip aisles and brownies do not help my cause. But I’m a mom and I do what I have to do. Beets and radishes for me, yogurt pretzels and fishy crackers for the girls. The cart looks rather schizophrenic actually.

After getting home and putting away all the groceries, it is finally time for me to eat! Pulling out the rice crackers, I lather them with hummus and load up with spinach, tomato and cucumber.

Looking good!

So good that I don’t even take the time to grab a plate to go sit down to eat. No, I just scoop one up right where I am standing, lift the tasty goodness that is satisfyingly crunchy food, put it up to my lips, and before I can take my first bite,


A text has come through. From Bal.

We’re done. Come get us.

Seriously? Seriously! How do they know? I don’t just want to eat people, I need to eat. Listen, I knew that the kids must have been grumpy and hungry to have had such a quick swim, but I am cleansing and I don’t give a shit. Daddy will have to deal.  I text back a haughty,

About to eat. Distract them. Give me 10.

He buys them a snack to wait, I eat (with no guilt even) and all is right with the world.

After getting them and returning home, hunger grumbles still persist, so I have carrots, peas, and green peppers dipped in Hummus. Yummus!

2pm has been my crashing point all week. Today I decide I can treat myself to a Soy Chai Latte from Starbucks. Until remembering that Chai is black tea. Damn. But have no fear my friends, I whip up a Rooibos Tea Misto of my own using Almond Milk and it is freakin amazing.

A shaky morning but feeling great this afternoon. Lots of energy, clear-headed, and hope that it will only get better.

5 days without coffee… I am a superstar!!


3 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now…

  1. YAYYYYY! So so so so excited that you are keepin’ on! Bal…omg, big points. HUGE. I love that guy! Gotta get that shake going for myself, although I know that I cannot handle the pressure of a full cleanse right now, I am inspired to make the juice…in my blender. Hmmm????
    Keep sharing any tips or recipes that you enjoy! I will certainly appreciate that! Go Kari Go!
    And yes, I am 14 days coffee free, weekends are definitely the hardest!

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