Yeses and Cleanses

My sister-in-law totally pissed me off yesterday when she said “Wow, you sure are starting the new year with a whole lot of ‘No’s’. Fortunately, I keep my bitchiness in check since time was all I needed to process that what she said was so totally true.

You see, too many glasses of wine for my birthday (and New Years) left me starting 2012 with nausea and a pounding headache. With the in-laws in town, there was no laying in bed for the entire day to recover (because at 36, one really needs the whole day to recover from even only a slight bit too much booze) No, we got up to go to Whistler for some skating and outdoor fun.

To which I said No to skating and playing on the snow mound. While they are ‘wowed’ at the Village and how cool it is, I begrudgingly walk along dreaming about my bed and more coffee.

Once we make it back home, I say No to Wii Just Dance 3 and playing our marble game with my nephew. I ditch out of half the movie we are watching and completely crash out in bed.

Yup, a whole lot of No’s indeed.

Not how a new year should begin for sure.

Several friends in the past few weeks have told me they are going to give something up for January. Whether it’s coffee, alcohol or sugar, I was pretty adamant in my belief that they were all INSANE.

But after my day of No’s and a particularly gluttonous month of food, drink and sweets, I am feeling so very bloated and blah. Thus the motivation to begin a cleanse. Clichéd perhaps, but also needed.

No sugar, alcohol, coffee, meat, dairy or gluten for me for 21 days. Hey, if you’re gonna cleanse, go big! Part of my brain is sing/yelling



But mostly I’m just excited. I’m actually craving vegetables and excited to learn how to make green juices and smoothies. So I bought myself a boxing week deal on a juicer and once it arrives, I will begin Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Adventure Cleanse.

The ‘adventure’ part more intriguing then worrisome at this point, though ask me again on Day 3…

Reading through what it entails, I’m not so worried about lunch or dinner. Quinoa, beans, wild rice, salads and soups are regular meals in our home. It’s surviving the morning without coffee and PB on toast that is going to challenge me. And the after dinner wine or chocolate (or both!)

But it’s 21 days right? A chance to cleanse and adopt new habits and discover new loves. My goal is not to lose weight or become vegan or give up coffee forever (Lord NO!) My goal is to give my body 21 days to rejuvenate and adopt healthier habits that I can carry on at a more moderate level.

Wish me luck friends. Better yet, join me!

PS. If you’re a really good friend, please note that Bal may be calling. He is already lining up where he can camp out for 21 days of me without coffee… Depending on how scary it is, he may bring along the kids and the dog too! Screening your calls is totally justified.


5 thoughts on “Yeses and Cleanses

  1. It’s like you read my mind! Too much food and need to cleanse as well. That book looks interesting – do you have it?

    • Yes I have it! It’s great. She’s a bit extreme for me in some cases (not doing enemas or colon hydrotherapy or full vegan or anything thank you very much!) but she’s sassy and fun and real so appreciate a lot of what she’s got to say.
      I’ll send you and Kristin some info on it tomorrow and see if you want to join in!!

  2. OMG, I am so JOINING YOU! maybe. to some degree. if you recall i was one of those “giving up coffee” girls. the plan was just for january as an experiment on my hormones. i was off to a pretty good kicks start to this as the coffee in mexico wasn’t even worth a sniff, let alone sip. anyway, i made up for it in booze and now I have been feeling tempted by the idea of a cleanse after coming back from my holiday and feeling like you could squeeze a strawberry daquari or maybe a few Christmas cookies out of my pores! Feeling very very very in need of healthy living! ; )
    lets talk. i will check in with you about this!

    YAY You!

    oh, and i am 2 days coffee free right now. NOT FUN. very tempted. support group is needed!
    but WE can do it! i know something good will come out of it!

    • Will send you info on it tomorrow. Persuade you to join me!! While I wait for my juicer to come, this week is going to be me weening off of coffee, stopping wine and desserts and cleaning out the fridge! Oh, and maybe even a run or two. The rolls over my pants demand it to be so…

  3. Good Luck to you! Can’t wait to hear all about it. Sorry, I won’t be joining. I’m heading to Van this weekend to celebrate Kari-brown’s birthday and there will be a whole lotta stuff that would not make this cleanse!!!

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