Cozy to Crazy

Ah the sweet glory of staying nestled in your pajamas all day by a roaring fire as everyone plays with new toys and grazes on the neverending supply of food.

Until you’re on day three never having left the house. Then it’s more lazy than cozy. Cabin fever strikes and you know that you need out of the house but you’re kind of this lump-a-lumpa that is finding it hard to move your butt from the perfectly contoured cushion you have created… Thank goodness for plans made before the three days and friends planning to meet you. Or we may never have left.

Fortunately we do. Off our butts, through the rain, to snow, sweet glorious snow and the great outdoors.

Oh hello fresh air! Nice to see you again. Apparently some of us needed an intake of oxygen as somebody (somebody named Daddy) dressed Brennyn in tights, pants, and snowpants but forgot one crucial layer… The diaper.

So poor B arrives to the great snowy outdoors, absolutely soaking wet. Which I only discover as I go to change her since the snowpants absorbed it from leaking outside. We get the diaper on, have a few giggles, and wait around while Daddy runs back to the car to get a change of clothes we were fortunate to remember what with our oxygen-deprived brains.After that, well, we have sleds, kids and snow. Life is good!Brennyn had no fear. Let me on, by myself, with someone, I don’t care, just on a sled and DOWN please!

Kaya too was jumping on her daddy’s back and her friends, backwards, frontwards upsidedownwards…

We all started politely enough. One at a time, sitting on our bums. But soon enough it turned into bumper sleds and pile-ups. When some whines arrive with some tears, we know it’s time to head to the lodge for lunch where we nibble on leftovers and our friends fudge. Mmmmm… Full of food and energy, we head back out for round two!Until we’re a good two hours past B’s naptime and though she wants to keep going, she looks like a Doctor Who Robot Santa (if you have not partaken in the Space channels Doctor Who marathon like I have, think mechanical and kinda crazy with a wee spark of Christmasy joy…) The big kids are fading too. And the biggest kids (aka adults) are dreaming of molded cushion lumps with beer and hockey. So it is that we end our fabulous day in the snow.

Since B asks me about once an hour to go ‘swedding pease!’ we will no doubt be back sooner rather than later. Looking forward to it!


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