Miscellaneous Christmasiness

Kaya came home from Kindergarten with a whole lot of crafts to decorate our house. This one was the classiest and made with help from her big buddy. We also got a whole lot of colourings, gingerbread cut outs and cotton ball Santa’s. After Kaya went for a playdate and saw all the girls ‘art’ dutifully put all over their tree, Kaya wanted to do the same. I already had this awesome one on,but couldn’t find room for any of the others what with our coveted Angry Birds and craft class (aka- GONG SHOW OF MISERY) decor taking over the tree. You wouldn’t be able to tell, but the following ornament is Brennyn’s handprint. I will keep it just so I can always treasure the dry heaving, crying fit she had while making it. Oh so many memories… Actually, what I mostly remember is our teacher telling me before I left that I could always fix it at home by outlining the smudgeprint, then painting gooey glitter all over B’s hand and reapplying. Is she freakin mad? Like I’m going to try it again, messing up my own house, with glue glitter? Madness I tell you. A blob it will remain.Speaking of blobs and madness and messing up my own house, Play-Doh makes an unprecedented entrance into our house. It must be Christmas.Kaya makes this:And Brennyn and I make this:Brennyn adding the eyes, the ears and the monster eating Santa’s beard. Her story, not mine.

We head outside too for a little GeoCaching Xmas gift depositing. Kaya bikes to the treasures while I run with B and it is very evident, before the new year even hits, that I am ready and willing to start exercising again!Last but not least, because I have no idea where this could ever fit seemlessly in a post, we have naked Santa showering. It just makes me laugh so hard. I may have posted about naked Santa last year as that is when he first arrived in the Lego advent. We are recycling Lego advent this year, and it came as just as much a shock, and delight, this time around.Both hilarious and disturbing. But mostly hilarious. Thank goodness for the black strip saving us from TMI.


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