Party On

As if there is not enough going on and enough treats being eaten, I have to go and throw a fake birthday party. But it was for Rudolph and it allowed us to see a few friends we don’t get to see enough of and it was FUN!

So it was totally necessary.

The reindeer, of course, are quite busy preparing for their forthcoming journey so we celebrated on their behalf, Rudolph still head of the table. Rudolph’s friends then sent presents to help with the birthday bash.

Dasher brought some foam sticker crafts,

While Dancer brought beads and bells for ornament making.

Prancer hid stickers in garland balls.

And Vixen livens things up with Christmas Crackers placed in a stocking.Comet brings some much needed mid play snack in the form of festive rice krispie squares, giving us the energy to compile some of Cupid’s favourite reindeer treats to leave out on Christmas Eve.Donner provides rolled up Santa Search and Find posters and Blitzen, well he forgot, so it’s a good thing the kids brought an ornament each for a gift exchange.

After that, there was food and strawberry shortcake and kids playing upstairs while the mamma’s enjoyed a Bailey coffees and chit chat.

The only thing I had envisioned happening that did not, was a little living room dance party by all the kids. Good thing my girls partook before the party in all their anticipatory sillies!Then again after, though a giddy laying-down exhausted dance.Fake birthday or not, friends coming together is always reason to celebrate!


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