Christmas Card n’ Crafts

Here’s our card for 2011. With this stickered onto the back.

JOY in 2011 for us:

Bal finished (survived) the 67km Test of Metal Bike Race.

Kari finished (survived) the Whistler Half Marathon.

Kaya is thriving in Kindergarten, performed her first dance on stage, ditched training wheels, lost 2 teeth and swims better than her mommy and daddy.

Brennyn’s first sentence was “Cool Man Motorbike!” as a Harley passed by and she has not stopped talking since. She’s in a big girl bed, on a big girl bike and does everything big sis does. Except peeing on the potty…

Family adventures this year included a crazy roadtrip (crazy fun!), discovering a love of dinosaurs, camping, treasure hunting, and countless outdoor explorations. We look forward to more of the same through 2012!

With Love & Joy,

Bal as Santa, Kaya as Rudolph, Kari as Frosty and Brennyn (in an eerily accurate portrayal) as the Grinch 😉


Trying to get 4 people to coordinate 8 puppet-style pieces for ‘the perfect picture’ is not recommended if you do, in fact, want to experience Joy.

Especially if you are two and have no freakin idea what is going on and just want to go jump on the bed already! But she is perfectly Grinch so it all worked out in the end.She did try though.And when she abandoned ship, Kaya and I had some fun.The best part of these pictures, has been the girls playing with the pieces afterwards, making Fronta and Rudinch and the like. Then there was B coming in to cheer me up. And Kaya drawing, cutting out, and gluing her own, much better versions (Rudolph’s nose a balloon!)

My time and effort paying off, if not in the time I would like it too, certainly afterward and ongoing. Hopefully the same can be said for today’s Tree Decorating crafting class I took the girls to today. Fiasco!

Brennyn didn’t like the paint smell so spent the first half hour gagging and dry heaving and doing the ugliest hand print ornament decoration I ever did see. Then she got a smooshed hand by a dinosaur wielding boy also not interested in crafts. Glue brought on dry heaving session #2. She spilled a cup of water all over my jeans when slipping off her chair, bonking her head. While doing the last beading craft, Kaya was having a hard time and was frustrated and pissy and needed my help but I was too busy mopping up water and trying to craft Brennyn’s craft and then Kaya fell off her chair and was embarrassed on top of frustrated and it was all just one giant GONG SHOW OF MISERY! Oh my god, I should write a book with that title…

Which will become a bestseller and that will be my time and effort paying off in the end…

*SIGH* (It was more polite than the curse words I wanted to end with)


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