Christmas Catch-Up

A busy month as always, but not busy-rushed, just busy-full. Full of Christmas movies (A Christmas Story my personal FAVE!), outings, parades, wrapping, card making, eating and singing. Blogging is not high on the priority list. So today, a catch-up in pictures.

Despite Brennyn’s face, we really had a lot of fun decorating the tree this year! B had a pout about not getting to put on a certain decoration, which had me sing “You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not POUT, I’m telling you why…” hoping to get a smile out of her but instead resulted in a full blown cry! Oops, but hilarious actually. Less than a week after the Vancouver parade, we go to our local night time one. Though it may not have huge sponsors and elaborate floats, the buzz of kids getting to meet up in the dark is enough to create the energy of community. That and hot chocolate, fake snow mounds, and chatting all the way up and down the main street. Then the parade begins and who can knock a snow plow disguised as Rudolph and fire trucks and tow trucks donning their yuletide best. The lurching, shaking, vibrating ATV xmas tree was a surefire hit as was the local paintballers dressed in their shoot-em-up best with cigarettes dangling out of their mouths as they grumble “Merry Christmas eh!” Seriously only in small town Canada. Which is why it was so wrong it was perfect. Roller derby girls, Sparks, Scouts, dance clubs and churches round out the show. Oh and even a little old fashioned candy throwing. Love it!I’m not sure where to even begin from there so let me first welcome you into my home. Where we craft paint chip snowmen (a huge hit this activity!)Bake goodies for school craft fairs and class parties,and draw. (Draw, draw and more drawings. Kaya is obsessed and B just likes to make swirls and then tell me elaborate stories about how they are monsters that eat candycanes or mommies, depending on her mood.) Here, we framed Kaya’s drawing of our living room. I guess I should take a picture of our living room…

Of course, we decorate. With lights and stars and snowflakes.Stars of thanks filling up our gratitude tree. Today Kaya was thankful for giving gifts to her teachers and classmates. Yesterday she was grateful for Santa so wanted to give him a present. Melt a mamma’s heart she does! Those thanks mixing beautifully with thanks for cookies and presents and gingerbread candy.

If you think we’re all classy with our white lights and stars, well, the heart of us is more colourful delights, strobe-like snowman snowglobes and rocking mooses!We also believe in mismatched, bright and unique Christmas ornaments. Think xmas pickles and pink robot creatures. Don’t be fooled by their gaudiness, for our ornaments, well, they tell the story of our years. This year, a dinosaur added to our tale.

We get out a lot too. Shopping for others that turns into pining for ourselves,Volunteering at Kaya’s school where I sneak a pic of her with her penguin.To the movie theatre for a special showing of A Muppet Christmas Carol. I wasn’t thrilled with the movie but the girls were happy to be at a pajama party, in a theatre, with popcorn and rice krispie treats at 10am!Kermit was playing peek-a-boo with B while Kaya ditched our row to go sit with two boy friends from her class. And so it begins.We write letters to Santa complete with Sears catalogue cutouts. And just when Mommy runs out of ideas for the advent activity calendar, Santa saves the day by not only writing back, but sending a video. Oh the wonder and awe in those girls eyes. Magical. “Is that really real Mom? Like really, really real?! The really real Santa in the really real North Pole!”

Snapshot from a video from my iPhone

Finally, we have Kaya’s first school Christmas concert. Her class and another Kindergarten class combined forces to sing,

Do you need a reason

to celebrate the season?

A reason that is pleasin?

How about Love!

How about Joy

How about Laughter

How about friends and family…


Wonderful song by the most wonderful kids. They signed a beautiful song too called “Everybody needs a Home” So impressed with their signing! At the end they came out with all the classes and sang and signed “We are Family” Beautiful.With that, you are all caught up! 9 more sleeps til Christmas means many more memories in the coming week but we leave you in the meantime with a heartfelt jazzy Merry Christmas!And a shot of the face that tells me I have taken one too many photos already… lol!


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