Day Parade

Last Sunday we checked out the Vancouver Santa Parade. A day that started out with coffee and breakfast in bed, with this view from where I sat. Perfect.Taken with my iPhone since god forbid I move a muscle to go get my real camera!

A leisurely morning followed up with a stunning drive to the city where we park for free at Lonsdale Quay and take the Seabus to downtown. My kids equate a seabus ride with a carnival ride so that alone was enough to make the day a pleasant one. But then a short walk to Burrard twenty minutes prior to the Santa Claus Parade starting where we score prime curb seating, lay out our blanket for a pre-parade picnic and voila, we have the makings of a spectacular day.

The sunny skies help.

Our mood accentuated with Rudolph strollers,

And Rico Suavé… Rico Santé? Rico Santa eh? Yah, that works!

And festive socks. Mustn’t forget festive socks!

Scoping out my sockompetition…

WestJet’s balloon stole the show,

But Kaya was smitten with all the dancers and gymnasts too.

We clapped, we rang, we sang and before long, Santa came HoHoing and we were done. Seabus back over to a sinking sun where we decide to have an early dinner with a view.

Spontaneous sister kisses across the table tell the tale of the day. Magic.

Or maybe they just thought this was mistletoe…

A mandatory booth giggling picture here.

Awwww, Daddy cuddles after pizza while waiting for the gelato.

Then, this:

Sunrise to start my day. Sunset to end it.




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