Bah Humbug

Phew, what a day.

It started with Brennyn half yanking off her diaper to which the sticky parts stuck to her skin and she screams. After wrestling it off, I go get a new diaper and call her, oh let’s say a conservative dozen times to come get her new diaper on. She ignores me. Irritated, I go get her. She’s sitting reading a book with a pool of pee around her. On the carpet.

Breakfast is served and I’m waiting for my coffee to brew. Brennyn knocks her yogurt on the floor. It has splattered everywhere. Already grumpy and without coffee, I yell at her then lecture her on sitting nicely at the table. She continues on with breakfast while I go pour my coffee. Before my glass is even half full, she drops that bloody yogurt again. ARG. I send her to her room which is the first time I have ever done that with either of my kids but I just did not even want to see her the mood that I was in.

Mess cleaned (well, wiped, I should be mopping right now but am here instead. Surprise, surprise…), I take a gulp of my not hot enough coffee. Which is about when Kaya spills her yogurt on the floor.

You have got to be freakin kidding me?

I say now and I yelled then. Sigh.

Both girls upstairs. I try to breathe. It’s not like they did anything crazy wrong. Just one of those bad mornings and I need to recoup. I breathe. I gulp. I go upstairs.

I do Kaya’s hair. She then wrestles Brennyn under blankets and she kind of looks like she’s put her finger in a socket. Everyday events today are compounding irritations. I’d like to take a day off please…

Which isn’t going to happen so off we go to school and I try to start new. Nope, little things still getting to me. Brennyn and I come home and I put her in front of cartoons so I can upload pictures for our Christmas cards. For the first time, Brennyn does not want to watch cartoons. She wants to hang on my legs and spin my computer chair and make me CRAZY!

Deep breathe. Calmly, I explain that mommy is grumpy and needs some time. Could B please go watch one cartoon and then we will go do something fun? Please? Pretty bleepin please??

She goes. Then comes back 2 minutes later, like this:She’s trying to make me laugh and, of course, it works! Snort laugh even.

So I scoop her up and we go to get an Americano, a muffin and a walk along the river. A change of scenery to replenish the joy.

Sunny skies and apple juice make it good for B.

Me, I need a bit more convincing. Which I am once we spot a seal playfully riding the current. Then, just to make sure the grumpiness stays away, we are also treated to a blue heron and a couple dozen eagles singing, fishing and one even soaring a mere 10 feet over our heads.

Feeling better now. But you know when a day starts off bad and you can’t quite shake it until a good nights sleep? Yah, that’s me today. Not quite shaking it. But not set off by every little thing either so that will have to do.

Until tomorrow…


4 thoughts on “Bah Humbug

  1. Ugh! I can totally relate, even though my kids are teens we still have days like that- where wrenches get thrown in the wheel and things don’t go as planned. I find taking a nature walk always helps put things in perspective- and a cup of coffee makes it better.

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you told me to read this! I can totally relate and B’s reindeer made me laugh! My night is looking up. Thanks!

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