Advent Obsessed

I didn’t mean to get so crazy about counting down to the big day. Just sort of snuck up on me. Hopefully it will not result in burn out. Like ‘Oh man, we have to open another fun and inspiring thing to do today…’

My favourite is the Origami Envelope Tree.Love because it looks cute, it used up a bunch of scrapbooking paper I had lying around, and it’s super easy (and free!)

Each envelope is filled with a note of our activity of the day. These include Christmas girlie dance party, helping our community by picking up garbage on our walk to school (can’t wait for her reaction on this one!), Christmas parades, school concerts, craft fairs, writing a letter to Santa, giving gifts to her teachers and buying toys for the Community Cares boxes, among others. Last year I squeezed these notes into the Santa beard advent but this year we’ll just stick to moving the snowflake along (during dinner tonight, Kaya moved it to day 13 so we could get to Christmas quicker. Cheeky monkey!)Also in each envelope, there is a star (scrapbook paper cut out), to which every morning we say what we’re thankful for and hang it on our Gratitude Tree. Thank you to Pinterest and my friend Kristin who did this for Thanksgiving for the inspiration! I don’t really have a picture of it yet, but it’s on my mantle here on the right.Finally, we have our toy advents. I couldn’t pass up the sale on Playmobil advents this year. I mean, come on, $15! That’s something like .60¢ a day. And we have our Lego one from last year which I just reassembled and is perfect to use again. Now each girl gets one and we can have peace, not war in the house. (Oh okay, a few battles still erupt. Who gets which one, who’s willing to trade, who got there first… Sigh)These ones are opened at night after dinner. Bribery to stay seated at the bloody table and finish your meal already! Ahem…

Talk about battles. Anyways, Day 1 and bribery works! Wish us luck for the next 23 (and beyond).

Now, it remains to be seen whether all this tracking of days will have the days drag or fly by. I’m hoping it results in a happy medium where we can be busy and on the go while still taking moments to stop and appreciate it all. No doubt I will be letting you know as we go!

Happy December all! May it be filled with love, family, silliness, joy, adventures, surprises, giving, receiving and a whole lot of gratitude.


2 thoughts on “Advent Obsessed

  1. What a lovely tradition! I always thought they were just a countdown, but you have incorporated some wonderful activities which express the meaning of the season. You are giving your children a season of memories that will last a lifetime.

  2. Oh I totally get the advent obsession! I am obsessed with the ideas of doing something fun and awesome each year, most years I fall short and rely on the old standby cloth Santa hanging thingy we have. Good on you! Let the obsession fly! Such a great thing to be excited about from day to day! ; ) Your mantel looks awesome! Yay for the Gratitude tree! What a great idea for this season! Great post!

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