Wonder the World

As I wandered the world in my twenties, I never could have imagined a life where I was a stay-at-home mom with a mortgage, a dog, kids and an empty passport. My traveler’s soul left me restless, needing to explore and discover new all the time. I would not be slowed down.

What I couldn’t have known then, is that having kids is an embarkation of a whole new journey. A crazy, adventurous, difficult and risky one. So, the best kind.

As a first time mother, the first year is crammed with new discoveries, then, just as you’re starting to feel trapped in routine, your kids personalities burst forth, sharing with you their awe and amazement of the world around them.

The most amazing thing about becoming a mother is realizing that as much as I am now a teacher/guide/protector/healer, I am just as much a student. My kids are teaching me as much about life as I try to teach them. Probably more.

So while I still seek to wander the world, my kids remind me of the awe and wonder all around us. Kids love trying new things (oh okay, except food!) They want to be engaged in scavenger hunts or nature walks or splashing in water. Kids are explorers at heart. And so they remind me, teach me again, about my own passion to do the same.

To explore vast lands. To dream imagined universes. To see the wonder in the every day. Which can be done just as effectively at home as far, far away.

Now, instead of waiting for a large chunk of money and time, my travels occur daily with my kids, where wonder, amazement, and discoveries abound. By way of imagined lands, on road trips, day trips or simply in our own backyard. Sometimes I even take the lead, sensing correctly that a change of scenery is needed, a shift in perspective. My traveler’s spirit meeting child-like awe.

Once upon a time I wandered the world, living by the motto “Not all who wander are lost”

Today I can’t imagine being that twentysomething girl constantly on the go. A girl who stood in awe of impressive monuments but missed out on, oh say, a ladybug fluttering atop of said monument.

“There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” ~Walt Streightiff

These are my kids, all kids, eager to explore and marvel every day. My traveling twenties self took that and ran with it. Today I know better. Today I have kids and they know that the opposite is true. Slowing down, being present, and really seeing all around that there is to see.

This is my family,But really, we’re more this,With a dash of this,A sprinkling of this,And oh yes, this too,What makes me unique Today’s Parent who is calling for new parent bloggers? Remembering to wonder the world, through booboo’s, puddles, and bugs, just as my kids do.


One thought on “Wonder the World

  1. Totally catching up with my backlog for comments I wanted to make! I LOVED this post when it first was posted! Funny that on this day another blogger that I subscribe to also posted for Today’s Parent. Hope this caught their attention – it such a great post Kari!

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