Sound Bites

After trick or treating and visiting a friends pumpkin stroll, we are driving home when B starts singing loud and proud,

“Candy all day long

Candy all day long

CANDY all day long


And so on. Upon arriving home, she sees her left behind trick-or-treating bag, runs to it yelling “OH CANDY…” reaches it and gives it a BIG hug then “I MISSED YOU!”


Brennyn and I volunteered at Kaya’s Kindergarten class. While I was busy helping kids make candy apples, Brennyn ran around playing with big kids and big kid toys. As it came time to go, I gave Kaya a kiss goodbye. Running up behind her comes B, lips puckered, saying her goodbyes to me too. Cheeky monkey thought she could stay on as she acted the big kid part so well!


Kaya- ” We can dream anything we want to, right mom!”

“For sure!”

“When I go to sleep I like to dream I find real dinosaur bones.”


“But mom,” looking at me very seriously, “not real dinosaurs. Just their bones.”

“Got it. Thanks for the clarification.”


“Mom, dreams are funny that you see it in your head but not really real, like in front of you real, but real because it’s in your head…”

She may be a genius…


On a routine walk to school one morning, before any coffee I might add, Kaya asks me,

“Mom, why when we look at outerspace, our whole wide world is spinning, but we are on the world and we are not spinning?”

I ramble on a bit about sunrises and sunsets and enormity and rotations around the sun, none of which makes much sense but I ask “Cool eh?” anyways. Her lack of response or follow-up questions leads me to believe that it is not, in fact, cool eh.



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