This Month Gets a Bum Rap

Not sure why I dread November every year. Sure there’s rain in this part of the world, but also snow and days like today, full of sun and brilliant blue skies that we then truly appreciate.

As promised in my previous post, Brennyn and I headed out on a walk to soak it up. Making up for our last jaunt out where I forget, well, pretty much everything, this time I was set. Extra boots and pants, picnic blanket, lunch, water for both, phone, baby, toques, mitts, Riley and her leash. CHECK!

But of course, last time the only thing I remembered, I forgot this time. Care to guess what?

Yup, my camera.

Oops. Oh well, more time to play and be silly then!

Our walk did not disappointed, filled with eagles, fish, heron, sun and fallen leaves. We picnicked, jumped tandom off rocks, balanced on others, then carved our own hopscotch with a stick in the sand, riverside. Back into the trails, we raced down hills and tree-hugged mossy pines.

Two hours later, almost entirely walked by Miss B, we get home for a story and a deep slumbering nap (I know because I can hear her snoring as I type this!)

Forget all the Black Friday shopping deals, I’ll take a jaunt through the woods any day.

Oh, and since you know I am camera-obsessed, a few shots care of my iPhone.Explorer prints. They just look like regular boot prints here but if you picture the teeny tiny marks amidst the vast sandbar beside a raging river, you will start to understand my need to document them.The girl has never in her almost 2.5 years, ever, NEVER put on a pair of shades the right side up. One of those great quirks that I just ADORE about her!Full of gratitude (and sand) on this fine November day. Wishing you one in the same.


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