Keeping B Busy

We enjoyed our one snow day while it was here. Well, half day. By mid day it was pouring with rain. While the picture of B in her sled with a rainbow umbrella over top is adorably cute, reality is this:

Brennyn is just waking from her nap as it is time to go pick up Kaya. I hurry her out of bed. This alone makes for misery. But then we have to pile on the snowpants, boots, jacket, toque and mittens. We are late. Brennyn cries. I curse under my breath. It is pouring outside though snow still packs the street. No stroller. So I start to carry her to school. Until I realize how heavy she is. So I run back home. Really late now. Grab the sled. Grab the umbrella. Slight smile from B. She looooovvvves her umbrella. So she holds onto it for dear life. Not onto the sled. She falls out about 5 times. She cries and I vent “Brennyn, get in the sled NOW!” House builders laugh at me. It is POURING. I have no umbrella while I pull the sled with the falling out crying child. Eventually I grab the umbrella away forcing her to hold onto the sides. Crying. Me too. We arrive at the school as the bell rings. Kaya runs out, eyes light up as she sees the sled “I want to go on the sled with the umbrella too!” Not a chance sister. One pouts. One cries. I do both. Upon making it home (finally) the girls friends are rolling snow balls in the pouring rain. To which the girls want to join. 30 more minutes standing in the pouring rain. Giggles from them. Whimpers from me. The end.

Time to hunker down inside instead, where we find some fun stuff to keep us occupied.

Here’s Brennyn stealing Kaya’s show and tell. She seemed to think Dino Bones needed her vitamins! Love.Along with starting our Christmas decorating, mom and tot gymnastics, play gyms, library and many a coffee shop, my B and I are finding plenty to do to fill our days. Now I must go, for today is a clear blue beauty and we are headed outside to enjoy it while it lasts!


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