November Leaves Blanketed

Two days after our autumn jaunt, our first snowfall!

This iPhone photo is pretty much the only snow photo I got as I was too busy pouting about missing my big girl. She was at school when the first flakes started to fall. Her teacher got to hear her squeals of delight, her classmates the first to frolic in the snow with her.

Not being first to watch her firsts is going to take some time getting used to. Sigh.

Still, I did get to see Brennyn’s first sighting of the flakes fall. Eyes full of wonder, jaw drops and giggles ensue. Since she was feeling a little sick, we don’t bundle up for a play outside, opting instead for jump/dancing on the bed to Christmas carols as the snow sets the scene. Just about as fun as catching snowflakes with our tongues. Lots of time for that this season though!

As the snow continued to fall and I watch out the back patio mesmerized, I flash to a photo I took of the same scene, different circumstances, and I know I have to try another Dear Photograph shot. Love these!Summer sunny balloons and first snow falls elicit equal wonder and giggles from my girls, reminding me to do the same.

Five hours later and non-stop snow later, it is time to pick up Kaya. I am happy to report the squeals of delight continued throughout the whole day and I got some snow play with my girl.

Especially since another day later, Autumn is taking back the reins from Winter.For now.


One thought on “November Leaves Blanketed

  1. I love how sometimes your post remind me of the small things I have to soak up in this last year – like first snow falls spent with my big girl.
    thank you for this. so glad that you had some time in it with kaya!

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