Dear Photograph, Wonder

I posted my last post with this picture like 20 minutes ago and then 10 minutes ago I see that this shot did indeed make it onto Dear Photograph‘s site. Yay! Click on the picture to go to the site.Dear Photograph,

A simple yellow balloon or the first snowflakes of the season always made my girls giggle and look with such wide eyed wonder. I cherish the life lessons they have taught me. ~Mama

They changed my words a bit but it says the same thing and is probably more succinct then my rambling tendencies.


One thought on “Dear Photograph, Wonder

  1. I love the photo of the leaves in the snow. Snow is a real joy when you are a child! I don’t think the excitement of the first snowfall ever goes away. When we got snow in October, my son ran out in his shorts and t to build the first snowman on the block. Of course, it was back in the 50s a day later so he’ll have to start over when we get our next round.

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