Float & Growl Like a Butterfly Triceratops, Sting Like a ‘B’ Bee

Trick or Treat!
When my daughter asks to be a Triceratops, my first thought is ‘Where the hell am I going to buy one of those?’

Then she insists on a pink one. Buying one has just become unlikely.

Then she says it should have butterfly wings. Which brings us to impossible.

And seriously, when your girl doesn’t want to be a fairy or a princess, but a Pink Triceratops Butterfly, you can not say no. At least this mamma can not.

So it is, I create it. (And a daddy assembles!)

Thank you and you in Internet land for the help!

Our ‘B’ Bee is pretty darned cute too. And this discovery of knocking on doors and people giving you candy, well, this is the most amazing of days for my girl who loves her a ‘snackie’B is fascinated with Triceratops too.Not to be outdone, proof that Triceratops Bee’s exist too. A little extra stinging power.These dino claws kill me. Pure awesomeness. Then our skeleton shadow, Kaya’s spider hat made at Kindergarten and our Boo Ghost hand crafts.Kaya’s art this Halloween. The first, she wanted to write the whole Halloween song she learned at school. Not sure if I didn’t give her all the words or she ignored me, but I have no idea what it says. A spider. Then two pieces of beautiful princesses and the spooky monsters!Halloween food is fun! Who knew? Apple monsters, spider jello jigglers and my favourite since it was my own creation, pretzel cheese withches broomsticks! I also loved the watermelon brain that was at Kaya’s class.All that and I didn’t even take any pictures at Fright Night at the Train Park or our friends awesome Jack-O-Lantern forest walk. So great!

So much for my Halloween apathy of previous years. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll even dress up! (more than my witches hat of the past two years)

Now excuse me as I put on a Triceratops head to go wake Brennyn up from her nap. The little ones can’t have all the fun!


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