For Halloween, a BOO post that has nothing to do with Halloween Boo’s and all about my grumpy “booing”.

As in:

Boo to the Barbie commercial (thankfully airing at 10pm at night but still) that advertises ‘I Can Be…’, a wonderful message, but then showcases a ballerina, taking care of puppies, a baker, a teacher and oh okay, an astronaut. Why does the commercial not show the architect, the supposed Barbie 2011 Career of the Year? Why not the doctor or engineer? Why not a firefighter or superhero? Intentions are good Mattel but how about some follow-thru.

Boo to the socks for 5 year olds that are labeled ‘jock’ ‘nerd’ ‘cheerleader’ and ‘artist’ What next? ‘Loser’

Boo, similarly, to the shirts saying “You have 5 friend requests” or “Tweet me” or “Sugarlicious” or are off the shoulder. They are 5. Just let them be 5!

Boo to dinosaur products being categorized as ‘Boy toys’. Same goes for dolls being labeled ‘Girl toys’ How about we just label them as Dinosaurs and Dolls and let the kids decide what they want to play with.

Boo to the dirty faces at me for my girls mid-aisle tantrum. She’s two. It happens.

Boo to the scrunched up noses of dislike when I share that Kaya wants to be a pink Triceratops Butterfly. Remember imagination and creativity? Go read yourself a little ‘Zen Ghosts‘ by Jon J Muth will ya.

Boo to the rainy day making me all full of Boo’s! I think I needed to just get that out of my system.

Done and done.



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