Spooky Princess Picnic

Did you know googling Spooky Princess Picnic yields no relevant results? Travesty I tell you! So it is that with no help from the Internet, I make our own Spoooooky Princess Picnic.Complete with castles, monsters, pink, dinosaurs, tea, Halloween music, cookies, ghosts, fairies and spider webs (purple ones!) We eat eyeball soup with ice cream. We have coffee because mommies and monsters and princesses love coffee don’t ya know! We dance like fairies, then monsters. We roar like dinos and giggle like fairies.

Then we craft. Which is both fun and monstrous. Because painting marshmellows and popcorn with a food dye/milk combo is hilarious but also, as Kaya tells me, STINKY (she hates milk) plus we have no binding agent, plus keeping the eating bowl seperate from the monster building bowl can try a mothers patience…

So in the end, this is the only creature we come up with (horrid isn’t it?) but we also want to do it again, next time with icing and pretzel sticks to be able to hold everything together!Next up, shaving cream with food dye. Had I lost my mind?!

My goal was this pumpkin craft. Which is the only one we got since there was so much of this going on. Plain ol’ goopy fun!And if you’re thinking about losing your mind and attempting this craft, do yourself a favour and splurge on a decent bottle of shaving cream. I bought the cheapest there was since its sole purpose was crafts but oh, that smell, Halloween horrific I tell you!

While the girls play Happy Monsters and Dinos meet Happy Fairies and Princesses, I whip up some ghost pumpkin pancakes. Yummers!

Absolutely exhausted by this point, I force a nap for both girls. Kaya pouts, rightly pointing out that I told her when she was 5 and in Kindergarten she didn’t have to nap anymore. I make up some excuse about her being sick and having a big week at school and needing this nap to get her energy back which she scoffs at but goes and literally one minute after I close the door, I hear not a peep and so it turns out I am a brilliant and wise mother, not one who needed to close that door on her girls for her sanity sake.

Sanity saved with quiet, a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and free time to peruse blogs and facebook while completely ignoring the Spooky Princess Picnic turned horror show that was my downstairs.


One thought on “Spooky Princess Picnic

  1. WIth the addition of Michelle’s blog, I only just NOW realized that you can have posts emailed to you. So I have finally signed up to ‘follow’ you since I never seemed to remember to get on here and read your blog! Love the creature you made, not sure I would eat it though. 🙂 The ghostie pancakes look yummy!

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