Healing Hobby

There was a time when all I took were pictures of landscapes and scenery. Sunny skies and golden days have inspired me this week.

Today Brennyn and I visit the river and its assembly line of fishermen. Who can blame them? The day is amazing.Plus, biting fish is a bonus on this glorious day. We see three caught, but I don’t take a picture of any of them. Nah, I am inspired to take this photo of a photographer taking the prize winning shot though. The three of them here were on a guided fishing trip and they were elated. Though decaying fish permeates my nostrils and yelling at Riley to not roll in fish guts is tiresome, this moment of joy for them, has me stop, smile and be filled with immense gratitude at this place I call home.And because I did so, took a moment to be in the moment, suddenly everything around me radiates brilliance. Including this flower, the last of the buds for the bees to indulge in.Still some berries for the bears still lurking. No bears out in view today but Brennyn has a close encounter with her nose and a pile of berry-laden bear poop.This past weekend we did our annual trip to North Arm Farm for pumpkin picking and farm playing. On the way I screech at Bal to pull over, fast, for I have to get a picture of this! Sun rays, fog, birds and lily pads scream ‘photograph me’. We used to screech to the side of the road all of the time. Before kids. Before naps and chidrens needs put a stop to that. Today I get a treat, even with two kids napping (one of which woke up the millisecond the car stops, as she does, no matter how bloody tired she is!) No matter, I get some beautiful shots and it is time to wake up anyhow.A few minutes down the road, we arrive at the farm still engulfed in fog. The sun was not far behind us we knew, and sure enough, within minutes the skies clear.Since the farm is so rejuvanating on Saturday, Sunday calls for more outdoors with the family. We head to the ocean for lunch only to find the tide so high it’s hiding all our beach and the sun still lingering behind the mountain, so we do what this family does so well, we explore.

We drive to a new spot along the ocean where driftwood and treasures abound. A place that feels sacred with weather beaten woods, wispy grass, and seemingly ceremoniously laid out logs. A place where sun beams and silence heal me.Serenity yes, but a lil’ Miss Behavin too.Such a restful, inspiring few days exploring our backyard.


One thought on “Healing Hobby

  1. Oh, wow. We are so in sync these days. I totally wanted to pull over to get that shot too!!! It was incredible, eh! I watched another man on the wooden path and envied his position! Good on you for stopping! ; ) I LOVE your capture of the fishermen! So great! Love your sunflower photo. Such great composition! Lastnight I thought about what I needed to live in the moment with my girls and I planned out a morning cinnamon bun and coffee from the Bean, then we drove to Nexen where I planned to let them play in the sand and I would just snap away at the scenery. OMG, can you believe I had no SD card in my camera!!!!! It was a sign to really BE with my girls, and beside, there was still no beach so I had to be more hands on! We had the most fantastic time climbing all the washed wood and logs under the sun. Nature’s toys at its best! (I did manage a couple photos on my crappy cell camera!) GREAT post!

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