Busy B

With Kaya’s birthday and starting Kindergarten, Brennyn hasn’t had much presence here on my blog of late. It hasn’t helped that she was sick, then I was sick. Still, we are getting into a routine of life without Kaya at home in the days.

It never ceases to amaze me how different my two girls are. Things I once did with Kaya often and in abundance are shunned by the younger sister. Drawing or painting are out. Long walks in the stroller, not a chance. Library visits, though still done, are fleeting, in favour instead for the park across the street (rain or shine).

So I am having to shift my mindset and brainstorm new ideas to occupy my Busy B. Which, I have to admit, has been good for a creative shift. After trying and failing at colouring, painting, water paints and crafting, we find our dot blotters. A-ha!Not only does she get to bang and crash and wham them, she also enjoys sorting, lining up, then demolishing, only to start all over again.There is not a lot of down time. She will sit and watch cartoons for half n’ hour while I sneak in a shower but only if she has a snack and a bankie and su-su for back-up. Then it’s ‘Come on Mom, let’s go!’ Going means to a playground or Lil’ Sneakers gym time or her favourite, gymnastics. Anything that involves action.

Sometimes we do a walk. But only if it’s filled with skipping, puddle jumping, or treasure finding.Other days, like today, when I just can’t bare another moment in the rain, I have to get more imaginative, creating marble maze making!We run marbles down a noodle, cut another noodle in half for a different track and use miscellaneous poles from the garage to send marbles flying. At first into cups but then Brennyn wants one to go in her dollhouse potty. Which inspires me to add a garbage truck and a dump truck which, after seeing the impressive bouncy qualities, inspires momentum onto a round track. Who needs to buy one of those marble drops when you can make endless varieties of your own!Needless to say, Brennyn and I are finding a rhythm to our days together. Not a steady, gentle beat so much as a quick tempo groove with moments of hypnotic acoustic guitar followed up with Gordon Downie style rants. We’re figuring it out.

And having a hell of a good time doing so!


One thought on “Busy B

  1. How fun! Love the little toilet ball catcher! Karis and B would get along really well I think – especially when bingo dabbers are involved. Karis dabs her herself all.the.time. when I turn my back.
    Have fun with your Busy B!

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