Kaya of Awesome

Dear Kaya (5 years),

in the last 6 months you have lost 2 teeth, performed on your first stage, ditched training wheels and started Kindergarten. Huge milestones that you have embraced and thrived at.

Trying to encapsulate this time in a letter seems impossible. Simply put, you are five and you are awesome.

You are awesome because:

You skip everywhere. Between gymnastics drills, to your first day of school, playing soccer, on a nature expedition, in a parking lot… Carefree, joyful skipping. Awesome.

You are deciding between a dinosaur and a butterfly for Halloween. Better yet, you’re contemplating combining the two. A pink Triceratops with butterfly wings. Awesome.

You think being a princess paleontologist is a brilliant career choice. Ever since visiting Drumheller this summer, you are fascinated with dinosaur bones. When I asked if you’d like to be a paleontologist, you said YES quickly. Then just as quickly added, and a princess. And just as quickly after that, ‘and you can do it with me mom!’ Awesome.

You are a treasure hunter. Everywhere we go, treasures are collected and saved. Whether wood with holes in it, special rocks, beads, sticks, or geocaching $ store finds, you collect and gather. To remember. To share. Or simply for the sake of exploring. Awesome.

You are a moon gazer. A star one too. Glimpses of the night sky that captivate your imagination. You decide you will be an astronaut (as long as mom can come) that flies a rocket ship to the moon, but only at night because in the daytime the fairies blow the moon to dust. Only this summer the moon followed us on our road trip showing up every day time and you were certain the fairies kept the moon out to watch over us. Awesome.

You can go from fluttering like a butterfly in one moment to walking like a zombie in the next. With equal enthusiasm. Both resulting in giggles of delight. In fact, as I edit this, I hear you downstairs with Daddy making a book. You have asked how to spell Princess, Zombie, and Dinosaur. Awesome.

You wear mismatched pajamas every single night. Purple fleece snowmen (in the summer) on top with pink plaid shorts for bottoms. Or maybe a butterfly tank top paired with monkey silk bottoms. Awesome.

You have an ‘Oh no, mamma has her camera out again’ pose. It makes me laugh. On one such camera day, 75% of the photos I got of you were of your back, the other 25%, this pose. Awesome.

The way you curl up with your sister and read her a book. Or teach her a new skill. Or how you taught her to cheer “We are a team! We are a team! WE ARE A TEAM! YAAA!”  Awesome.

Your eyes, well, they just slay me. The size of hazelnuts, the colour of a coffee bean.



Awesome. Full.You are magic and wonder, giggles and smarts, creativity and adventure.

And that is quite simply,


With the kind of love that creates daytime moons and rainbows on command,

Your Awesome Mamma XOX

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PS. If at some point you do not feel so very awesome, follow these wise words

“When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead. True Story.”

Please read (or reread) The Book of Awesome, An Awesome Book, An Awesome Book of Thanks, and a blog post entitled Full of Awesome for awesome inspiration.

One thought on “Kaya of Awesome

  1. Awesome! Kaya is awesomeness! Love the slideshow here too! And so funny, Kamille is all about mismatched jammies too! Tonight its mismatched top and bottom with a nightgown over top! ; ) So awesome!

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