Present with Presents

Can I talk about Kaya’s birthday presents for a moment? Not because I want to talk about stuff, but because I want to talk about imagination and creativity. Kaya’s gifts this year were filled with them and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Take the Spark story starter cards. I actually have this iPhone app but love getting it in card form as having something tangible to hold and pass around (even if 2 wee ones in the family can’t read) makes it more fun and game-like. The cards are designed to get your kids imagining and exploring ideas plus it just gets them talking.

Getting Kaya to tell me any details about her day at school is virtually impossible, but if we start playing this, asking questions and scenarios nothing about school, she gets talking which always reminds her about things at school and I end up getting way more info than if I’m drilling her.

For example, one card states

‘A magician gives you a pair of magic eye glasses. How does the world look different when you put them on?’

The answer, no surprise here, is “Everything is pink. The whole wide world! Even Riley (our dog). And bears. I drew a pink bear at school. We did so many bear things at school.” Which is how I learned they did a whole unit on bears.

Fortuitous since yesterday a bear visited the school! Yup, walked right up to the classroom beside Kaya’s and peaked right in. Cheeky bugger.

Anyways, awesome cards made even more awesome as they are made by a couple of moms in the town I went to college. Love entrepreneurial mamma’s!

Probably our favourite gift was the Woodkins fabric doll set. I had seen these before but didn’t really think my girls would be interested. Boy was I ever wrong. We all love it! All it takes is some square pieces of fabric and you can design endless outfits.

Kaya is starting to get really creative making belts and headbands and rubber boots while Brennyn, well, she just thinks it’s hilarious to make monsters:Also incredibly cool and imaginative is the Melissa & Doug Make-A-Face Sticker Pad. I love watching Kaya carefully pick her face then choose which eyes, mouth and accessories will fit her girl. But it is Brennyn’s that I will show here because, well, they make me laugh.

This was the first one she did. At first the eyebrows were more like chin hair but she realized her mistake and put them in the proper spot. The mouth is on top of the nose and the button is a belly button. She wanted me to get this girls belly so she could put it on but put it as close as she could instead.


Kaya received other arts and crafts which, can I just say, is always a fantastic gift. Kaya’s favourite thing has been a simple, colourful sticky note pad. She has stuck them onto all her art the past few days and has even added onto the birthday cards people gave her. Here she is trying to make a crown just like the one her buddy made for her.

Then I used it on her actual birthday to decorate her school lunch. So simple to make her feel so special.My goal for this birthday was to replenish her dress-up box. She is literally bursting out of her dress-up dresses. Seriously, they all look like the Hulk came for a visit. I didn’t want Disney Princess dresses as I feel like something more generic offers more opportunity for imagination. I certainly didn’t want the latest Barbie get-ups that in my opinion are too short with one shoulder strapless and way too grown up. What I did find was this Groovy Girls Butterfly dress-up with a matching Groovy doll. Adorable, age-appropriate, and the imagination can soar with games of butterfly or fairy or princess. Oh, and since I did have some mamma guilt at not giving her some grand party (silly, I know) she got this tent for the wow factor.Which I have to admit, is super cute and has already offered up as a great place to read, play quiet time with dollies, and be a hideout from a Zombie Daddy.

Amazing presents all. Ones that allow us to imagine, create and interact. Ones that allow us to be together, be present and enjoy each others company.

No better gift than that.

Thank you friends!


One thought on “Present with Presents

  1. Fantastic gifts! I wish more parents would encourage gifts like this for their children, too many of my kids at school are given computer games which just make them jittery and violent! Loving the tent!

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