Butterfly Birthday

Well, last weekend Kaya had her 5th birthday party and since Kaya was thrilled, I can declare it a success!

I have to tell you, I was worried about this party. In the months leading up to her birthday we had been to several parties, none of which were hosted at home. Oh wait, one was but she hired a professional fairy to come and well, I have never been to a more magical party! This, of course, was what Kaya wanted too but there was no way we could afford it this year. I ended up explaining to her that those fairies don’t come to our town (talk about ruining the magic!) To which she replied, “Okay mom, well, you can be the fairy then!”

So that is what I did.

My goal was to have an affordable, low-stress party for me and a magical one for Kaya.

Thankfully, each of those awesome parties we had been to over the summer, provided inspiration to create just such a thing.

So it was, that I created a butterfly birthday for my girl.The Dollar store is really a fantastic place. Those butterfly strands were $3 for all of them and that was all it took to light Kaya’s eyes up at our magical butterfly garden house. And the cake? Well, I almost bought a $20 butterfly cake pan until I realized I could just do my own. Then add pink icing. And while butchering the cake and slopping on icing, all it takes is a whole lot of pretty coloured candies to cover up the mess. No sense stressing on perfection when Kaya and the girls thought it was perfect. Especially when it just gets cut and gobbled up in minutes anyways.

I even made good on her wish for me to become a fairy. I wiggled my way into a kids size 6 rainbow tutu (high-five for that one please!) and transformed myself into Mommylina the Rainbow Fairy for the afternoon. When I surprised Kaya with my attire, oh the gasp and sparkly eyes that arose. For so simple a gesture. My heart sang and I knew right then the day would be a great one.

In keeping with the simple, low-stress theme, I made it a small drop-off party with 5 girls plus my two. It was the perfect amount. Soon they arrived donning their fairy wings and giggles filled the house. Here we are just about to start playing pin the butterflies on the flower. Again, $ store bristol boards, and butterfly stickers. Easy, super cute and fun.After some fruit and cheetos snack, we begin the treasure hunt. Using pictures for clues and a story I had quickly put together the night before, the fairy girls begin their adventure! To give you an idea of our fun, here a quick recap of the story and clues. You see, all the butterflies had turned sad, so it was our mission to follow the clues and help make them happy again!

  • Clue #1- butterfly clips for each girl and they had to dance and twirl to help make them happy.
  • Clue #2- butterfly blowers for making wind and getting those butterflies excited to fly again.
  • Clue #3- Colour brightens everyones day right? A colourful pencil crayon with a butterfly adornment (paint chip cutout) helps the cause
  • Clue #4- a fairy picture to paint.
  • Clue #5- My personal fave and inspired from Pinterest. After the butterflies got colour those smiles did arrive. This clue was designed to make them giggle. Lollipop Lips!It worked! Butterfly and fairy giggles are the best.
  • Clue #6- Sparkly lip balm for those big silly lips (goopy gross exploding lip gloss as it turns out. Oops!)

    Jumping Fairy Dance for the Clue!

  • Clue #7- The butterflies were flittering and fluttering happily about now, until they had a little fright. Oh, silly butterflies, just pink glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs. That’s not scary!
  • Clue #8- In fact, glow-in-the-dark is FUN. Bring on the glow bracelets!
  • Clue #9- Originally, this was going to be mason jar fireflies also seen on Pinterest. Only the jars did not look like they had firefly’s in them. It just looked like blobs of glow-in-the-dark goo. So I improvised, made a butterfly cut-out and painted the glow on. But oops, I forgot to shine light on them first, so when we arrived at the jars, they were glow-less. Oh well, we managed to get a faint glow and did a little glowy butterfly happy dance in the garage before going to the final clue.Clue #10- The butterflies are tired from all the dancing and laughs so they need a place to rest. To the flowers! Now this was just a complete fluke find in early September at a Michaels end of season sale. $1 each for these things. Love it!

Mission accomplished. Simple for me. Magic for Kaya. Fun for the fairies.

Bonus being it was so affordable. I spent $3.60 per child for these ‘goody bags’ by finding discounts, shopping at the $ store and using stuff from home (All the glow-in-the-dark stuff I had from summer camping trips, pencil crayons with paint chip butterflies we already had, and mason jars were from homemade apple sauce!)

After the scavenger hunt we had pizza and cake and then, thanks to mother nature bringing out some sun and a fabulous neighbor who offered up his bouncy castle, there was more giggling to be done!Finally, you can’t have a butterfly fairy party without a Zombie Daddy.Right?

Cue squealing giggly girls!

And if you start with giggles, then end with giggles, that is success.


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Birthday

  1. AH! Zombie Daddy is hilarious!
    This party is AMAZING! You looked fantastic as Mommylina! So much thoughtful work put into this! Yay you!
    I am so glad to read all about the treasure hunt as it now makes sense putting together the bits and pieces of what I got from Kamille’s post-party run down! She had a blast! And the Cheetos were a hit in her mind!
    Well done Kari!

  2. What is it with Cheetos? Kaya has talked about them after every party she’s been to too so that’s why I bought them! Glad Kamille had fun!

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