Notes to Self

I always have a notepad on hand in my purse. When I don’t, I use anything on hand- reciepts, tissue, diapers

Ideas (brilliant ones I assure you) come to me always at the worst times. During a pap, while driving, lineups for coffee, so I tend to recite in my head over and over my thought until I get a moment to jot them down.

Lately, I have been using the Notes App on my iPhone instead since I almost always have my phone on me. You would think this would be helpful but overall the results have been less than stellar. Since it is somewhat obnoxious typing via phone, I try to be succinct. Not my strong suit on the best of days and worse when there is auto spellcheck at work also.

To give you an idea of my woes, here are some of my e-notes.

  • how fit car seat camel
  • lost girls
  • 5117/135 earden (hopefully this is not a passcode to something)
  • Klik Denmark
  • hitchhiking compassionate soul vampire (pretty sure this is a line from Fringe but not certain)
  • bunk gillie
  • one dino in legs all else fall
  • agoo
  • moisms

Note to self, notes to self do not work when self has no clue what self is talking about.


3 thoughts on “Notes to Self

  1. LOL. I am always jotting down notes on my iPhone as well, and yes, at times they do not make any sense but when they do, it’s great!

  2. Have you tried the voice memo Kristal? That ones even worse because I forget about it and then go to check it 6 months later and really have no clue what I was talking about (or the MUST have xmas present idea will have to wait til the next xmas because I forgot I memoed myself!)

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