Kindy Smarts

Just over 2 weeks in Kindergarten and oh the knowledge we have gained. Here, the Top 5 great lessons Kaya has learned.

5. Listening to Bobs and Lolo’s ‘Muscles’ song there is a line ‘The human body is a mystery machine’

“Mom, we are all humans!”

“Yes we are.”

“Even the boys.”

“If you say so.”

4. Sign language. There is a deaf boy in Kaya’s class so they have an aide for him and are all learning sign language. So cool. She has most definitely mastered the Stop! sign and uses it on Brennyn every chance she gets.

3. She now knows who Terry Fox is. And that one of his legs didn’t work. Though she did ask me if his leg was made of potatoes so not sure how much of that lesson she grasped…

The top 2 lessons are not learned so much from her teacher but by her ‘peers’.

2. “I AM A ZOMBIE. I AM A ZOMBIE. Rrrrrrrrrr.” with arms outstretched doing, well the zombie walk, encouraging her sister to join in so that all I’ve heard for the last 2 days is I AM A ZOMBIE… From playing butterfly princess in one moment to zombie attacks the next. How is a mamma supposed to adjust? Well, this mamma tries eating the butterfly princesses brains which, heads up, does not work and results in tears.

Now ya know.


1. Top spot, no questions, goes to the Raffi Remix (ft. Justin Bieber)

Baby, baby, baby Beluuuga

Like, Baby, baby, baby Beluuuga

Like, Baby, baby, baby Beluuuga

Would you like to be mine

In the deep blue sea…

WTF. Seriously.


2 thoughts on “Kindy Smarts

  1. OK, all I have to say is KEEP THAT SONG OUT OF MY HOUSE! ; )
    I am STILL hearing the odd “Baby baby baby OHHHHHHHH…” and I am at the end of my rope with that song! ; ) Die song die!

    On a serious note, I almost got a bit of a nervous feeling thinking about the acquisition of knowledge, the good, the bad and the ugly from that huge pond of kids! I can sense the need for a Mama Support Group coming on. I will need it!

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