Postcard Love

As I was beginning to write this post, I had a sense of deja-vu. Pretty certain I have wrote this exact same thing before, I type in ‘handwriting’ in my search field and oh yes, there it is, a post not that long ago (May) about snail mail.

So I did manage to send Kaya’s handmade thank you cards. Eventually. But I did not send out any more cards like I had intended. Not even birthday ones since I never seem to be on top of it enough and end up jotting down a Happy Birthday facebook message instead. Lame.

What Kaya and I did do this summer though, was send postcards!

I have to tell you, finding good postcards was tough. I may have to do something about that… It is quickly becoming a lost art. Such a shame since picking them, choosing who gets which one, writing them, buying stamps, then plunking them in the mailbox is so darned satisfying! And fun!

From what I have heard from our friends that received them, getting them was even better!

You know what, there is just nothing like a personal note, letter, postcard or piece of art arriving in your mailbox to brighten your day. Because it means somebody went to some effort for you. Not just a quick email or text or facebook message because it was there and easy, but a hand-made, thought-out card. Designed specifically for you. Without spellcheck or cut and paste hiding the authenticity of who it came from.

Love that.

And so we will continue sending postcards and handmade kid cards to the family, knowing the smiles it creates.

*Hint, hint- we love smiling here on this end too…*



2 thoughts on “Postcard Love

  1. Oh, I love this! I used to LOVE sending postcards. The pick and choosing thing is so much fun, and such a task too, eh?! Can’t wait until we go on another trip to be able to send postcards with my big K! How fun. Perhaps tomorrow we go to the AC to pick out some to send to our family – just for fun! I was trying to think of something to do, this will be great! Thanks for the inspiration!

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