Today I…

Don’t ya hate a post that is all ‘Today I did this. Then this. And this.’

Ummm, sorry about this then.

Today I:

  • Drank coffee. Lots of it. 2 americanos and a latte lots.
  • Read O Magazine.
  • Ate Pumpkin pancakes. Yummers!
  • Sat at my computer ALL day long. Literally. Because today Bal took the girls to play and I had a mission to finish (start and finish actually) our 2010 family photo album. Errr, I took A LOT of photos in 2010. A LOT A LOT.
  • Cursed the computer many times.
  • Ate dinner that Bal made
  • Remembered I am commited to write a blog a day this month
  • Curse blogging
  • Curse the computer some more
  • Write an excruciatingly boring post
  • Finish (?) album. Wish me luck!

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