Let The Sun Shine In

Well, I called it didn’t I? Sunshine beckoned us today.Rain too.You know what happens when sunshine meets rain don’t ya?

Oh yes you do.

Magic.Now let us go back a bit shall we. To the morning where all Kaya wants to do is watch cartoons. I oblige since she is clearly exhausted from her first two weeks of school. But then the complaints start.

I don’t like this cartoon.

I don’t like that one either.

I don’t like that snack.

And on and on. So I suggest we go outside.

I don’t like the rain.

So I suggest a craft.

I don’t like that.

The girl is in a mood. Wow.

So instead of pleasing her, I opt for saving my sanity and insist we all go outside, rain or no rain. My plan is a quick trip to the ocean for some fresh air, followed up with a visit to the library and perhaps a Tim Horton’s lunch.

This plan fails.

Though my ultimate one does not.

In the car to the ocean, it begins to POUR. Kaya pouts. I laugh and insist we’ll give it a go.

Stopped at a traffic light, suddenly the sun bursts forth. “Rain and sun Kaya, do you see a rainbow?”

All I see is an enormous pouty lip in the rearview mirror.

Undeterred, I look around for a rainbow. Nothing.

Remembering I have the Bobs & Lolo CD in the car, I switch it on to Track 14, Rainbows Everywhere. I know this as it happens to be Brennyn’s favourite song but as it begins ask anyways “What song is this again?”

Pouty lips have turned upside down.

“Rainbows Everywhere.” Kaya almost whispers.

“RAINBOWS EVERYWHERE!” Brennyn sing-shouts.

Got them.

All smiles in the car now, as we sing, and oh sweet amazing world,

there it is, a real one! A rainbow.

The car erupts in cheers. “Rainbow, rainbow!” And we sing some more.

Upon arriving at the ocean, great moods turn to ecstatic ones. Another rainbow. Slam go the car breaks, seatbelt flung off, camera grabbed, girls let loose, and oh, there it is, magic some more.At this point I am wondering, is there anything better in the world than puddles and rainbows? Not on this day there isn’t.Some where along here, we are singing at the top of our lungs about Puddle Dancing Lovin’. We are jumping and kicking water in the air and then the puddle water fight begins and we are laughing HARD.

The last hurrah before the tears.Oh but before that fall, you should have been witness to Puddle Hopscotch! Brilliance.

Though this is not the first belly flop in a puddle by B, it is the first one she cried at. Kaya starts complaining about water and rocks in her boots. My legs are itchy and cold from sopping wet jeans clung to my skin.

There will be no library or lunch out for us today. We look (and feel) like victims of a flash flood. Time to go home and change.

Into PJ’s. Oh yes, on the drive home, our water-clogged clan declare the rest of the day Cozy PJ Day!

Which means we get home and change into our PJ’s.

Then grab all our blankies to curl up and watch a movie together. With popcorn. Mid day. On a weekday.

Bal comes in from work for a lunch break so we get a Girlie Cozy PJ party shot.“Thank you for a wonderful day of fun!” I tell the girls as I tuck them in for an afternoon nap.

“No mom, Thank You cuz you are the one that took us out even if I didn’t want to but then I did and it was fun!”

Limitless sunshine and magic on tap today.


3 thoughts on “Let The Sun Shine In

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!
    Oh, it was a suspenseful beginning here, and I had expectations for your day as well it seems..I am soooooo glad it all worked out – and topped off with popcorn and a movie – awesome!
    Gorgeous shots!
    ; )

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