For the Love of Books

One of my most favourite things I did this summer, was stumble upon a Borders closing out sale. While my family had lunch on a wee patch of shaded grass in a parking lot, I ducked inside the bookstore ‘for just a second’. One hour later I emerge. And could have stayed for the day if we didn’t have to hit the road again. I didn’t even buy a whole lot as all the good ones I could think of had long since been bought up. Still, I did score some chapter readers for Kaya in the coming years, some birthday presents, a couple novels for myself and a Carebears movie to switch up the movie choices on our epic car ride. All for 60-70% off US prices. Score!

Just this past weekend I snuck off to Vancouver by myself just so I could go to Chapters alone. Grabbing a basket, I had a list full of books that I piled inside until it was overflowing, then sat myself in a nook and flipped through them all. Slowly. Savouring. Adoring.

There is just nothing quite like a book. Ereaders, though light and easy, can not be flipped through. They can’t be earmarked or highlighted or once in blue moon, there is a page, a passage that opens your soul and you have to, just have to, tear that page out.

I had had a look inside my list of books on Amazon. But still, I wanted to see the real deal. Nothing matches the holding, the flipping, the skimming of pages. Nothing beats holding a book in your hands and knowing you have to have this book right now.

Since it poured with rain today, I got in a cleaning frenzy. Down on my knees scrubbing the floorboards and walls of the hallway until Brennyn came, sat down on my lap and refused to let me do anymore. “Okay B, your turn. What do you want to do?”

“Read books!” she tells me. I love that my kids love books so much. So that’s what we do. Curl up in Kaya’s bed and read Harold and the Purple Crayon, The Waterhole and The Barnyard Dance. At this very moment, as I type, she sits on the bed, legs out, back straight, flipping through ‘mommy’s books’. “No pictures in it Mommy?” laughing as though that is simply ludicrous.

Kaya too has always been a reader. Now she has started school library visits. Every day she goes to the library, picks out her own book, brings it home to read, then takes it back to find another one the next day. I love that she loves it.

I can even foresee a future that includes my taking my girls to the bookstore happily, (without having to watch them and replace books and chase them down aisles) where we all find a nook and escape. Hopefully they’ll let me into their nook because I am so excited to read The BFG and Superfudge and Ramona!


One thought on “For the Love of Books

  1. Oh you sure do know how to treat yourself! I gotta sneak away to Chapters one day! How fun!
    I got two text books in the mail today and I find that there is something so exciting about new books and the potential to learn so much for them, isn’t there!
    My Little House on the Prairie collection is waiting to be cracked! ; ) I look forward to snuggling in bed and reading through the chapters!

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