Sunday Sillies

Have you noticed I’ve been posting every day? Yah, I’ve commited to Nablopomo’s challenge of writing every day for the month. My way to sharpen my writing skills and nourish a creative flow. It has actually been easy thus far. Until today. Today I don’t want to write, don’t feel like uploading photos and am completely uninspired. So here, a couple silly words, jotted in my journal for use in a future post, except I’m highjacking them for today instead.


“Mom, I have a joke for you and it is perfect since we had our special date!”

“What is it?”

“Where does a cow go on a date?”


“To the Moovies!” Giggle, giggle, snort!

Yah, my girl? She tells jokes now!


My new favourite word in the whole wide world is Wobbly Pops. I had never, ever heard this term before the summer but will now use it forever. Because “Time for a Wobbly Pops” is so much better than “Time for a Rye.” (Or vodka or gin or cooler or whatever.)


In a similar vain, my kids enjoy a good game of Spin-until-you-are-on-the-brink-of-vomit. Just watching them makes me ill so I usually pipe up with a “Stop, you’ll get dizzy!” whereby I get a very practical “No, we will get W-O-O-Z-Y and that is fun!”

Isn’t woozy such a better word?


“That commercial totally freaked me out!”

Said by Kaya.

‘Totally freaked me out’ uttered by a shy 4-year-old both cracks me up,

and kinda freaks me out…


The End.


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