Photograph of a Photograph

To honour one week of Kindergarten down, one more picture from the first day of Kindergarten.

Have you heard of this Dear Photograph website? You take a picture of a picture in the exact same place at a later time. I am determined to find the perfect picture and get it on this site!

In the meantime, I have this one. Not perfect as the composition is not matching and the shade was covering the space but perfect to me.

Perfect because this rock in our common space behind our house has been a landmark in my girls growth. First crawling to, then climbing up, first step on, first stumble off, and soon the leaping begins. I knew I wanted a picture of Kaya on her first day of Kindergarten near this rock.

Dear Photograph,

From baby climbs to Kindergarten leaps, this rock, this simple out-of-place rock, carries memories of many firsts. If ever we move, it will be coming with us.

A nostalgic mamma.


3 thoughts on “Photograph of a Photograph

  1. Ah! I love this site! – and its an Ontario, Canada born site too, eh!?! ; )
    I LOVE how good this photo is! Nice work putting them together! ; )

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