B Time

Poor Brennyn is having a time of it. Can’t say as I blame her. There is no one thing wrong with her, just a whole lot not quite right with her.

Molars, no routine, attention all on the Kindy girl, absorbing mamma’s nerves, schedule changes, missing her big sister…

So she’s been acting out. Tantrums. Whines. Attached, like velcro, to me.

On our drive home from downtown today, I am thrilled at a moment of giddiness from her. She sits in the back seat and begins chanting her and Kaya’s favourite cheer,

“We are a team!

We are a team!

We are a teeeaaamm!”

Arms thrown in air with a



So I join in. “Yay!” I cheer.

To which I get an immediate and defiant. “NO! No mommy team!”

Cool. Got it. Still not happy with the world then.

Inwardly, I chuckle.

And also understand that it is time for some serious one-on-one, focused and in-the-moment play with my girl!

So I ask her what she wants to play. She looks confused. I guess Kaya usually answers that. Finally she tells me. Baby.

Upstairs, we lay out a blanket, pull out the baby bed and potty and babies and tea set and we play Baby. My baby, my Brennyn Claire, is in HEAVEN!

Suddenly I realize big sister always manages to dominate the tone of play. Brennyn’s tone is very, very different. Different because their personalities are different but also simply because she is 2. So we play, Brennyn’s way.Brennyn’s way sometimes means not sharing the goods…But then she realizes she doesn’t need to hog it, big sis is no where around to steal it. Such a novel concept! So she does precisely what her big sister would NOT want her to do, and takes Kaya’s prized stuffy for an ice cream!Sensing power, Brennyn becomes Director, pointing me to Baby and demanding a photo.Soon she sees blocks. Kaya never wants to play blocks. She brings those bad-boys over and we build castles.Do you think she needed this?Yay for one-on-one time with my baby girl!


2 thoughts on “B Time

  1. OMG, NO! NO mommy team! Hilarious!
    So awesome Kari! LOVE B’s smiles!
    Totally diggin’ the new look at this space! A revamp is on my list of things to do, I think you’ve just inspired me to bump that up as a priority on that list! ; )

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