Ocean Wonder

Yesterday was Mommy-Kaya Date Day.The theme of this month seems to be magic. So too, this day. The best magic.

First off we visited our favourite place in the whole wide world to visit, the Aquarium! Kaya and I have been going to the Aquarium semi-monthly since she was one. We never tire of it. We have our must-sees yet we also see something new every single time.

On this day it’s a Flying Sea Horse Princess Fish.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Kaya.

We also visit our first 4D movie (that is not Dora and Diego) The movie was a Planet Earth Shallow Seas show and it was a bit scary (just ask the twentysomething German sitting beside Kaya who jumped out of his seat, looking behind him at the ‘snake bite’, then at Kaya certain she pinched him, until realizing it was the 4D effect and started laughing hysterically!) but Kaya loved being able to swim with dolphins and catch bubbles and float with the baby whale.

After we flutter with the butterflies, kiss Baby Beluga and gape at the octopus (3X) we leave the Aquarium and hit up a Whole Foods to grab dinner, then the Cupcake Store for dessert and finally to the beach for a picnic!

Where we eat in a hurry so the cheeky seagull doesn’t steal it, then cheers to Kindergarten (and continued dates!)

A seal visits us there. At the beach. No joke.

Swimming 6 feet from where our feet wade in the waves. Awesome.

More awesome? Kaya exclaiming “Mom, THAT is a special thing! I think he knew we were having a special day and wanted to come say hi!”

That there? That’s called magic.

We visit the playground, we trade special rocks (to remember the day Kaya tells me), we walk on the pier, we find ourselves some giant driftwood to perch on and watch the Cruise Ship glide under the Lions Gate Bridge.

Then I have to break it to her, it is time to go love.

She tells me she doesn’t want the day to end.

I suggest we start driving home but that we’ll stop at Porteau Cove (our favourite treasure hunting beach) on the way.

Not 2 minutes into the drive I can see she’s drifting off to sleep so I ask her if she falls asleep, should I let her sleep and drive straight home, or should I stop at Porteau Cove.

Stop. Of course.

She falls asleep. Of course.

I stop. Of course.

And let her sleep until sunset is nearing. For 40 minutes she snoozes and I stare at this

So much better than TV.

When Kaya wakes, we wade in more water, balance on more logs, run on another pier, all while watching the sun sink.

“Look Mom, the sun is in outer space now.”

The sun, it has set.

We finish off our drive home with a spectacularly pink (PINK!) Diamond Head (no pics-iPhone died!) welcoming us home and a glowing, almost full, moon.

Perfection this day.

Making it either easier, or way harder, to say goodbye at the Kindergarten door on Monday…



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