Magic and God

Magic exists. Yes?

Complementing the science behind a rainbow? Magic.

A shooting star, regardless of your astronomy knowledge? Magic.

Your child slipping out of you, then on you? Magic.

Making a wish and it coming true? Magic.

Watching trees dance, eagles soar, snowflakes fall, grizzlies munch, and butterflies flutter. Magic all.

So it is with horror that I find out a neighborhood kid has told Kaya that there is no such thing as magic. God controls everything.

I have to tell you, I have a day of panic. A day where I am full on angry at this girl, just one year older than Kaya, for telling her such a thing. A day where I arm myself with books, quotes, and ideas filled with magic to saddle Kaya with.

Then a few things happen.

Somebody reminds me to just keep doing what I’m doing. One girl is not going to erase everything we live. Right. Yes. So true. And so I relax a little.

We read some books we always read, adding just a bit more emphasis on the dreamy, imaginative parts.

Then the girl in question comes in our yard for a play. It hits me that she is 6 and I can not be angry. Still, the game of fun I encourage for the girls on this day may have had just a wee bit of an alterior motive.

Magic broomsticks and casting spells it is!

Wee bit I tell you…

About an hour after running around ‘abracadabraing’ the girls, I hear the girl regurgitate my words, only in a confused, not really getting it sort of way. And it hits me, this girl probably came home from church and was simply sharing with her friends her version of what she heard.

When a religious person sees an eagle soar overhead, they say God. Others may say Nature or Universe or Mother Earth. This is what I teach my girl.

Regardless the label, our feeling is the same.

Mystery, awe and amazement.

For me, pure Magic.


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