So yesterday we went to the PNE.

I’d love to be writing a post about loving every moment of it. Rides, food, fun, joy, shows, conquering fears, reaching new heights and all of that…

But I will not.

For me and the PNE, well we do not mix. I suspected as such, tried to psyche myself up for it, but to no avail. I was miserable. Pretty much the entire day.

The thing about me is,

I hate crowds.

Despise lines.

Abhor rides (since even a swing makes me nauseous)

Basically everything that the PNE is, I am not.

Bal took Kaya last year and they had one of those ‘magic’ days. Perhaps they should have done the same thing this year.

Brennyn was just a bit too little for most rides and so spent most of the day in the stroller. She does not do well just sitting in a stroller. The girl ran around our living room like a maniac upon arriving home last night.

But Kaya had fun.

She got to go on the Monster Truck ride with Gampa.

The Carousel with Gammy.

The mini Rollercoaster with Daddy.

The f*&%$# flying, rotating round and round and bloody round again helicopter ride with Mommy…

Not the best part of mommies day I can assure you. No, that was the part when I got home, Bal put the girls to bed, and I nestled in for Doctor Who with Ice Cream topped with Bailey’s!


My mom and Bal’s favourite part of the day was the Stratosphere.

But listen, can I make this about me again? For I nearly puked just taking these damn photos…Now this one is before rising up. Either I am unbelievably hilarious or there is some nervous giggling going on here,

Anyways, I’d like to say I will never go again, but next year Brennyn will be big enough  and Bal will need help and so this mamma is going to have to suck it up and go again. Though a trip to Playland, not during the Fair of the PNE, on a spectacularly rainy day is already being plotted…


5 thoughts on “PNE

  1. i love reading you blog at the end of my day and todays comments had me smiling and laughing at the computer. Finally someone else who hates all the same things I do! I was on the swing with my 11month old daughter this morning thinking okay thats enough of this queasiness as she is signing for more and throwing a fit when I just can’t take it. ahh what we do (or dont do) for our children

  2. Glad to know I am not the only one Andrea! I thought for sure I must be since everybody else at the PNE looked as though they were loving every minute of it. Next year I want mini donuts and superdogs and to win the home. That’s all I ask… Simple 😉

  3. um, you could have been writing this about me as well. Similar experience at Silverwood. I don’t think we can do Disneyland. Or maybe just I can’t. Sounds like we should send the daddies with the kids and the mommies have a spa date!

  4. I might have to fight you for the home! Although my daughter is too young for the PNE so I will give you the next two years then that home is mine!

  5. I’m not greedy Andrea. I win next year, you win 2 years after that. Perfect!

    Nicki, I thought the exact same thing- What am I going to do in Disneyland?!! Everybody assures me that it’s totally different there though. More things to distract you and entertain during all the waiting. I think maybe I’ll really make sure though and bring a flask along… And go in November!

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