Sometimes our mindset forgets that adventures don’t need to just happen on vacations or getaways. My goal of this summer was to have adventures daily. For the most part, we succeeded.

We tried new things. Ventured near and far. Stepped out of our comfort zone. Explored. Marks of any adventurer.

Some things we loved. Others not so much. Often the things we did love, surprised me.

Like this.

IceCavating if you will.

A frozen treasure hunt.

Little bits of treasures from around the house, frozen in ice. From Spiderman to play jewelry to mini dinosaurs and giant bugs. I even threw in the dollhouse toilet. Which, no surprise here, thrilled the girls!

When we arrived home from our road trip, I have to admit, I was feeling rather listless. No inspiration to do all the laundry, unpack, or play. Fortunately, this had been in the freezer since July and was the perfect time to pull it out!

The girls were giddy spotting all their toys suspended in ice and fiercely determined to rescue their prized possessions (which they hadn’t even noticed were missing for 2 months!)

With kids knives and forks and salt and warm water, they dug and scratched and poured and wittled the ice. I was fascinated to watch Kaya’s brain at work, figuring out that she should move the ice block into the sun for a faster melt, curious as to whether rubbing sand from the sand table on it would work, pulling out the garden hose…

She stuck with it until every single toy was freed. Probably an hours worth of fun! It even snapped me out of my listlessness, itching to help stab that dino out!

Adventure at its finest. Mystery. Intrigue. Anticipation. Curiosity. Unique.

Best of all, filled with creativity. Something along the lines of Pirate Princesses unearthing Robot Dinosaurs and Sprinkly Magic Treasures.

And really, could there be anything more adventurous than that?


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