The Best Thing My Daughter Has Ever Said

I may have said that title line pretty much every time I do one of these ‘Conversation’ posts. But really, this time, truly the best. This girl rocks my world.

“Mom, remember Big Bar Lake with all those mosquitoes biting me?”


“Well, I wish that butterflies drinked blood instead. Butterflies all over me would be better.”

Vampire Butterflies girl? Could you be any cooler?


She says other funny stuff too.

“Mom, when B was in your belly, was she naked?”


“Just with diapers on?”

“No. All naked.”

“Bwahahahahahahahahahah!!!” Fits of giggles at this until she just has to share this news with B.



Looking at this picture

Kaya asks what she was doing.

“High-fiving my belly and your baby sister.”

“Just a gentle high-five right mom?” worried that she might have been hurting her.

“Yes, but my belly was really hard. Remember that? So you couldn’t hurt the baby with a high-five.”

“Yah, and now your belly is really soft.”

Yes, yes it is. Thanks kid.


Upon driving into Squamish after our 2 week roadtrip, Kaya starts chatting.

“I missed my home. Did you B?”


“I missed my bike!”

“Me too!”

Bal joins in, “I missed lounging around.”

I decide I should play too. “I missed…”

But before I have the chance to say, the peanut gallery in the back finishes for me,


Yes you cheeky (and very wise) monkey. Yes indeed.


We often give ‘special deliveries’ in this house. Usually of food or in my case, coffee. The other day I gave Kaya a piece of freshly baked chocolate chip banana bread. After taking a bite she blurts,

“Now that’s a special delivery!”

Brilliant use of intonation my love.


Kaya had her official graduation from preschool ceremony a couple of days ago. Since Kaya hasn’t actually gone to preschool for 2 months now, I wasn’t feeling overly emotional about it. Other mamma’s, however were.  The same feelings I had too, only two months prior. Still, I got a little choked up when the owner got teary reminding us that some of these grads were the very first kids at the then new daycare. And now they are on their way to Kindergarten. Wow.

Kaya wasn’t emotional either. Just excited to be back for a little play with her friends. She makes this very clear upon stating at the end of the ‘ceremony’,

“I don’t like wearing a garbage bag and wobbly hat.” Whereby she rips them off and goes tearing off after her friends.

Saving the tears for Kindergarten Day 1 then…

(Not to be outdone, Brennyn just walked in as I was editing this and apparently wants to be in quotes too. “Look Mom! Kaya look like a princess!”)


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