Daddy Daughters Dancin’

Before this spontaneous father/daughters dance in the conservatory, we were in the Grand Ballroom of the Banff Springs Hotel. The room was immense and gorgeous and certainly grand. Only it did not inspire any dancing. Perhaps because it was too imposing. Or too dark. Or just too grand.

We are more conservatory people anyways. With light and nature and intimacy.

There, inspiration to dance was instinctual. Scooping up and swaying. Twirling and whirling. The only music, the best music, our girly giggles mixed with Daddy’s hums.

Words can not quite convey my feelings watching it then and seeing the pictures now.

So let me just say,

My soul is smiling.

Dancin’ on Daddy’s Shoes

Dancin’ on daddy’s shoes
Dancin’ all around the room
Rollin’ the rug up and kickin’ our heels up
Dancin’ away the blues
Sister would clap along
Everyone would sing a song
Playin’ homemade music and dancin’ on daddy’s shoes

There’s something about this musty room
That makes me reel
Makes me swoon
That strange perfume is one of a kind
The rhythm takes me back
When I hear that razzmatazz
There’s no nicer feeling that I can find

Dancin’ on daddy’s shoes
Memories you’ll never lose
Dancin’ away the blues

Sentimental memories
Dancin’ on daddy’ shoes


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