Quotable Roadable 2

Week 2 of our 2 week holiday was very different from our first. This was a week with family, a week to veg out. A week where we ate well (to say the least!) and lounged blissfully. Life was slower paced this week, though no less playful.

No accomplishments to speak of, though this an accomplishment in itself.

Busy doing nothing.

Precisely what we needed.

How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then to rest afterward.  ~Spanish Proverb

Perhaps I should clarify. Brennyn and I really took to heart Pooh’s advice of

Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.

While I was ‘busy’ curling my toes in the sand, devouring ice coolers, and reading  a Young Adult novel, Brennyn was ‘busy’ napping on the beach. Pretty much every day we were there.

With an umbrella for shade and the breeze as her a/c, B had the best naps of our vacation.

Being so ‘busy’, I fail to take a photo of her sleep (or of my sandy toes) but this is as she’s waking. A million dollar mansion could not provide a more splendid view to wake to.

Bal and Kaya put Gramma and Grampa to work, if you consider cruising by boat work.But they were kept busy off the boat too.

Gramma showing the girls some fishes.

To which the girls just had to get a closer look!They race to Grampa,And have water fights with Uncle,And if all this fun occurs directly in front of me, I may grab my camera for a shot (or I may not) But there is no more movement than there has to be from this girl.

For there is a drink in one hand. A book in another. My belly and thighs are *gasp* actually getting some colour. Many others to watch and entertain my children.

Holidays are good.


One thought on “Quotable Roadable 2

  1. LOVE the photo of the girls taking a closer look in the water and the baby face down in the sand! Awesome! I would have loved to curl up on the sand beside B for a nap! You described it perfectly!
    You have to remember to tell me how you wrote on your last picture. Love it!

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