Do you know how far 3300km is?

Try driving from LA to Nashville.

Moving from Phoenix to Winnipeg. (Bye, bye Coyotes)

Train travel across Australia, Adelaide to Darwin.

Or did you hear about the Emperor Penguin who got lost? Like, really lost and ended up on a New Zealand beach, far, far from its Antarctica home. Red tape means the poor guy has to find his own way home, though I think a 1st class Air New Zealand trip is in order.

Or you could just come on a Moody Chick Family Roadtrip! 3350km in a Hyundai Elantra with no air conditioning in the hottest part of summer!

We’re brilliant like that.

While guestimating our trips km before departure, I told Bal 2000km, while believing more like 2500km. 800 miscellaneous kilometres then…

Easily explained actually. Ice cream sidetrips, coffee pit stops and getting lost (several times) really accumulates those clicks…

We survived. Flourished even. Combining long haul drives with adventures aplenty.

Would I do it again?


Though if someone offered a 1st Class ticket by train or plane or air-conditioned SUV, I’ll gladly give you more a



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