Summer Home

If I had to pick my three favourite places to take the girls, one would be the lake, one would be the river and one would be the ocean. All within minutes of our house. It makes passing the summer days, very, very easy.

Having said that, loungy days at home can be just as sweet.

Especially when you have 20lbs of blueberries to go through. Yummers!

Here, a blueberry milkshake. But I have also made Blueberry Buckle, blueberry muffins, blueberry popsicles and Blueberry Cosmos. Blueberries on ice cream, in cereal and by the handful just as fabulous. Lots frozen too, ready to give a new meaning to the Winter Blues.When the girls tire of ‘helping’ me in the kitchen, I set them up outside, giving myself the million dollar view I’ve always dreamed a kitchen should have.Happily playing School to all their babies and stuffies. For some reason this just tickles my heart with delight.

Another day, two stars twinkling for Science Day.

Where we mix,And stir,and marvel.

Making Gooey Worms!


I get maybe two photos of our feet and hand butterfly prints before abandoning photography for sanity.Though I am completely frazzled by the end, the girls loved the colours, the mess and the fact that their limbs could make such beautiful butterflies!

Some days, Kaya is happy just to sit and draw. For hours. Okay, maybe an hour. Still, in one of those hours, she made three thank you cards. This one is for Auntie and Uncle and I just had to take a picture before it was sent, because seeing this, the stars and her glow-in-the-dark chair, made that middle of the night camping wake up sooooo worth it! (Even if it was ‘too cold mommy!’)I thought this one was cute of Kaya drawing Daddy’s mountain bike race.

This must be when she’s wishing about what she could be doing away from home. The park!

And this her letter link- K for Kangaroo. So Kool!

Some days are filled these simple things, art, baking, cartoons, then other days we get more creative.

Like inviting friends over and playing Flower Shop/Lemonade Stand.

Thanks to a wonderful neighbor and friend who owns a flower shop and donated the leftover flowers from the end of the week, the girls got to ring up flower orders for their mommies (bargain prices those $80 bouquets… lol!), play ‘shop’, and giggle a lot. So fun!

Two delighted big girls.

Even without gorgeous flowers beckoning us outside (do not get me started on the state of my flower pots…), there is always water toys.

Even Riley enjoys the sprinkler.

Brennyn wants a try,Then Kaya wants in on the fun.But when it gets really hot, the sprinkler is replaced with the Slip n’ Slide.

Which is so, totally, not just for kids.

So often it is me who is has this desire to go places. Change the scenery. Find adventures outside. I panic when there is a whole day stretched out before me with nowhere to go, nothing to see.

This summer, having both girls at home full time, has really taught me the value of home.

They have taught me organically, what von Goethe took years to wisely understand.

“He is the happiest,
be he king or peasant,
who finds peace in his home”

~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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