Pot of Gold

Pulling up the 5-day forecast on my iPhone tonight and it shows a lot of rain. A bit of sun and some clouds too.

My thoughts are not suited to a family blog post. The G-rated version would be ‘Where the hell is summer?’

But Kaya, oh my sweet, delicious Kaya, well she reminds me (yet again) that I need not look outside for sunshine.

“Mom,” she asks “Why don’t they show rainbows on that weather? There is sun and rain together so there will be rainbows and they should show that!”

She is right of course.

Weather forecasters don’t think to remind us to look for magic.

Though they should.

Pot of gold hunting in our forecast for tomorrow.

Rain and Shine.


One thought on “Pot of Gold

  1. Ha! Of course they should have rainbows.
    “Scattered rain, some sun and a chance of rainbows” would sound much better when I am waking up to the 7am news on the radio!

    So great!

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