Rainbow Bright

With Brennyn’s birthday falling on the long weekend, I quickly realized nobody would be in town to throw a party for her. Fortunately, she is 2 and this did not phase her. Her sister on the other hand…

I thought I explained it quite well to Kaya until I heard her talking to her little friend saying “Brennyn doesn’t get a party. It’s going to be a BORING birthday!”

I would be lying if I told you this didn’t have me worried just slightly for Miss B. Sure, she’s only 2 but I wanted to make sure she knew it was a special day, just for her, and we were going to celebrate!

Thus the rainbow theme. Bright, loud, colourful and fantastic, just like my girl! Plus, I quickly realized I could decorate quite sufficiently without spending a thing.

So I pulled out some colourful toys and crafts. Blew up a rainbow assortment of balloons. Went to Home Depot for paint chips and made a free (and fabulous!) banner. Opened up our favourite rainbow umbrella. Chopped up fruit we already had for a rainbow platter… Oh okay, I bought a kiwi to add some green. Too bad they were rock hard and SOUR!

Months ago I bought these popcorn boxes at the $store so used them as Goodie Bags for the mini lunch party we had for her the day before her birthday. Inside I put balloons and suckers we already had. More rainbow paint chips tied together with a ribbon for a Colour Matching Game to play. Later I took the girls to a local flower garden and we ran around matching colours. The only thing I bought was a $1 wooden fridge magnet that the kids could paint and add a picture. Now that’s my kind of goodie bag!

There were presents.

And Ice Cream.
And on her real birthday, cake. A special cake, made by Mamma. I could never have imagined the satisfaction in making my kids birthday cakes. I always assumed I would buy them. But there is just something primal and loving and delicious about creating it for them. Must be something to do with all those invisible Love Sprinkles that comes from doing so.

Anyways, thank you Google because it is just that easy to find a simple way to make the perfect Rainbow Cake.

The Skittles were a bigger hit than the cake itself!

Then Kaya discovers my special surprise- a rainbow middle!

Pretty cool if I do say so myself.All it takes is white cake mix. Seperating the batter into 6 bowls. Dropping a couple of drops of food colouring in each (I used a neon set to get these vibrant colours), plop into your bake pans and Voila, you are a Mamma Genius!

We may not have a big party, but our B had a fantastic day of family, presents, cake, lake play, Campfire Grill eatin and playin and even a pool party at Gammy and Gampa’s hotel. A sweet, sweet day indeed!


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