A Sprinkling

Been feeling rather blah of late. No inspiration to write. Blaming the weather and the fact that I haven’t run since the half-marathon. Regardless of the gloomy skies and cloudy mind, the busyness of life with two young kids carries on. Here, a catch-up:

Gloomy skies and blahs you say?Yah, my kids like to make a liar out of me!

Even when we are stuck indoors, we make the most of it. Since Bal was flying home from a business trip, we decide to do some air travel of our own. Just so you know, cardboard boxes, scissors, felts, glue and a whole lot of ingenuity make for hours of fun. Hours I tell you!

We camp one weekend with friends. Is there anything better than Smores with friends around a campfire? The kids would probably tell you yes actually, a Bear Hunt! Oh those kids, they marched and climbed and shimmied through the forest around us.

“Mom, mom!” Kaya runs up to me at one point chattering fast, “We’re on a bear hunt and we found 10 CLUES Mamma! And now we’re finding 11 clues which is THE BEAR. Mom, I’m a little scared but I’m super brave too. Bye Mom!” Whereby she runs back into the woods to what I hope are imaginary clues…

Later that day, when the kids are all dispersed with parents and naps and such, Kaya wants to take me to a clue. She grabs my hand and we climb over a log, under some brush and alongside towering trees until we reach a nurse log. Kaya points out the teeth bites (peeling bark) and a claw mark (more peeling bark) and then finds yet another clue, “What is this mark mamma?” Without waiting for an answer, she continues “It’s not a bear clue. No, it’s something else. Probably from a bunny.” And with that, hunger supersedes more exploring and we head back to camp (but not before pointing out the bear paw print (our dogs) ‘RIGHT BESIDE OUR TENT MOM!’)

Bal doesn’t see or hear any of this since he is too busy biking for 67km that day. Wow! Here’s him coming into the finish with a smile still almost on his face. We cheered him from camp when he went by and we cheer him at the finish 5 hours later for the finish. Brennyn shook that ‘GO DADDY GO!’ sign for all she was worth. Yay Bal!

Father’s Day brings the Kids Mini Metal bike race. Brennyn likes to cause the mayhem, not be amongst it apparently…

Though the Mini Metal is chaotic, having twins has got to be more so! Kaya and Brennyn welcome their new twin cousins Kaley and Alexa!

Seeing the pure exhaustion from the parents of twins makes you really appreciate these toddler/preschooler years.

Unless of course they find a recorder.

And join forces with their friends.

To make a neighborhood Recorder Band.

I’m pretty sure I saw a new ‘For Sale’ sign go up after about 45 minutes of this.

Us parents couldn’t decide between tremendously adorable or horribly annoying.

At first.

Then we all agreed, after confessing migraines, to hiding the recorders forever after.Beyond blacking out the bedroom windows, there is nothing we can do about the girls screaming at the top of their lungs to their 3-year-old friend whose bedroom window is directly opposite them. Through windows across the road, they mime, they scream, they plot bike rides and lemonade stands…

One day as we’re leaving the house, Kaya yells, “BYE BYE BUM BUM!”

To which her friend responds, “BYE BYE POO POO!”

To which Kaya replies, “BYE BYE PENIS!”

I says pardon?!


“Mom, did you know sometimes I don’t like princesses?”

“Oh really? Like when?”

“Not really on Saturdays and Thursdays.”

So there.


And we end with a perfectly coherent conversation:

(Heard from behind closed doors as they wake from a nap)

K “Do you want to sing Oh Canada Brennyn?”


“Do you want to sing Baby Beluga?”


“Do you want to sing Goo-goo-ga-ga-bum-bum?”

“Yah! Yah!”



Goo-goo-ga -ga BUM BUM

We like to sing googabum, googabum…”

B chimes in,

“Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum…”

“Goo goo goo goo ga ga ga ga,


B still goin,

“bum, bum, bum, bum…”


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